Friday, June 28, 2013

Google is developing gaming tablet Android - Vedomosti

Google is developing gamepad for Android

Photo: S. Porter / Bulletin

Google is developing a tablet for games and watches based on Android, the newspaper reported The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources. According to sources, using these devices Google is going to compete with Apple, which can also bring to market similar gadgets.

In addition, Google is developing a second version of the top box to view the video content from the Internet on your TV called Nexus Q replaced by similar-top box, which he presented in 2012, but was never released to the market. According to one source, Google is going to develop the design and promotion of these new products and at least one of them will start selling this fall. A Google spokesman declined to comment.

first devices to Android started to sell in 2008, and in I quarter of 2013, this system worked 75% sold during this period in the world of smartphones and tablets 57%, according to IDC.

A source told the newspaper that Google is now closely watching the sales Ouya – a startup that launched last week to sell on the Android set top box with a gamepad for $ 99. According to insiders, Google is developing new devices on Android separately from the acquired units last year Motorola Mobility, which produces mobile phones for Android.

Sources in the industry say that with the release of a new version of Android Google is going to give manufacturers of equipment in the system, such as Samsung, have more freedom to use the system in new devices – not mobile phones and tablets, and in such as glasses, watches and other gadgets that can be worn.

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