Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yandex has introduced a new e-mail for Android – Russian Newspaper

Company Yandex Yandex.Mail introduced a new smartphone running on the operating system Android , according to an official company blog.

In the updated version of Mail all the necessary tools – folder settings, the list of accounts – are on the panel on the left side of the screen. Delete messages or mark new messages as read, you can flick of a finger. In order to determine which file – a picture, a table, a document – attached to the letter, open the message is not necessary. Just look at the picture preview.

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To quickly find a certain letter in the mail now is not necessarily in the search box to enter words from the letter or the name of its sender. The new Yandeks.Pochte appeared quick filters: they can be used to find, for example, all messages with e-tickets or hotel reservation without typing a word. Recognize the type of writing was made possible by technology “cookie”.

If the user has a smartphone several mailboxes on Yandex, you can work with them at the same time. For example, to check personal e-mail, no need to leave the working account, and vice versa.

New Mail also allows you to work offline with letters – where there is no Wi-Fi or cellular signal. It automatically saves the messages on the device and displays them in the desired user moment. Once again the smartphone to connect to the network, all changes will be synchronized with the server.


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