Sunday, September 21, 2014

Amazon Fire OS 4 Sangria is based on Android 4.4 KitKat and brings new features – 3DNews

As you know, Amazon in its products using its own platform Fire OS, which is based on a heavily modified the operating system Google Android, complete with its own interface and services. With new tablets Fire HDX 8.9, Fire HD 6, 7, and the company introduced a Kids Edition and 4th version of Fire OS codenamed Sangria, a new design and functions.

Fire OS 4 is based on a modern platform, Google Android 4.4 KitKat. Update brings support for Profiles – each family member can create an account with your own home screen, email, social networks, bookmarks, games and so on. Also coming soon feature Family Library, which will bring together two or more accounts together for the exchange of materials of various kinds: applications, books, games.

In addition, the update brings a feature ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction), which provides the user with TV shows and movies for viewing on the basis of the analysis of preferences. From your smartphone Fire Phone function will move soon Firefly, which allows the identification of 100 million different digital and non-digital products, to recognize phone numbers, web addresses, email, QR-codes, and so on.

Also in the new operating system the company has integrated WPS Office suite of applications for creating, viewing and editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the tablet. The latest version of the browser Silk will soon be incognito and printing support. In order to conserve battery power, provides the function of Smart Suspend, which often turns off Wi-Fi in the standby mode, based on the data about the time when the device is not commonly used.

All the new tablets will be sold starting next month with a pre-platform Fire OS 4 Sangria. And all previous Fire Tablets third generation will also receive an upgrade to the current version of the OS. So far, however, did not say when it will happen.



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