Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Android! – Androidinsider.ru

 happy birthday android

September 23 each, starting in 2008, the year is a great holiday for all fans of Android. Is not difficult to guess that this day at the green robot birthday, and today he is 6 years old!

While human babies in 6 years only go to school to start its long journey of learning and experience, Android is already a mature operating system held that has reached enviable heights in life.

Do you remember how it all began? Unsightly interface design, complex intricate menus rather poor application store …

 first version of android

It’s no secret that today everything is completely different – Google Play has more than 1.5 million applications, the quality of which, according to According to analysts, is no longer inferior competitors, and Android is installed on 85% of all smartphones in the world. Success!

What can we say about the design: in this quarter we have to get on their devices fifth version of Android, to know his new name and enjoy the sweet, finally, the full advantages of Material Design, for which, the way, Google has received the award.

 nexus 5 and android L

To my sixth anniversary of the mobile operating system from Google went beyond the limits of mobile devices and has evolved into an entire ecosystem, having acquired Android Auto, Android TV and Android Wear, and its new achievement, thanks to the program Android One, have become “the next 5 billion” users.

We wish favorite OS further development and success! Happy Birthday, Dear Android! Happy Birthday to you!


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