Monday, September 29, 2014

Google has shown examples of applications for Android Auto – Ferra

In addition to the new mobile operating system, Google Android L also leads the development of operating systems for vehicles, which should see the light of day until the end of this year. And thanks to documents intended for developers, we can see how some will look for third-party applications Android Auto.

Recall that Android Auto will be used in vehicles as a board operating system, and control its functions will be the on-board touch screen car. However, applications for Android Auto will not be completely independent. In fact, it will be all the same applications that are installed on a smartphone or tablet driver and onboard vehicle system will only interact with them. For example, the on-board touch screen, users can read on your smartphone received a notification, control music playback, and use voice control system. The same system is used in the Android version for handheld devices: in order to install the application on smart watches, at the beginning you must install it on your smartphone.

In addition, between Android Wear and Android Auto traced another a close relationship: when creating software application developers for Android Auto also will not be able to show a lot of frivolity because Google decided to carefully protect the automotive user interface operating systems. For this reason, developers will not be able to use modified covers, or skins. However, be allowed to use several color schemes, which, incidentally, for the convenience of the driver will vary depending on time of day.

With the release of Android Auto users will be available a couple of types of third-party applications. These include applications to display on the cockpit display of incoming messages on the smartphone, as well as media players.


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