Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Intel introduced a reference platform for Android-based tablets –

Intel’s ambitions in the market of tablet devices are expressed primarily in the desire to reach 40 million corresponding processors of its own production to the end of this year. For this giant attracts numerous Chinese manufacturers, processors offering them at a substantial discount, and an additional incentive program should be Reference Design for Android, which was announced at the autumn session of the forum for developers.

As part of the Intel is going to offer reference projects partners tablets running the Android operating system on the basis of its processors. What is typical, Intel is going to attend to their own certification of reference projects in the Google Mobile Services, freeing the partners of this procedure. Also, Intel promises not only to optimize the Android operating system for standard devices, but also to maintain their operational later software updates over a two year period after the release of the tablet.

Intel offers partners a list of recommended components, exterior design tablet manufacturers to develop themselves , although in this case it will be offered the standard version.

At the same time, Intel introduced the program Analytics for Wearables (A-Wear), aimed at accelerating the development of new portable devices. A-Wear will give developers free access to a number of software tools and solutions.


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