Friday, September 26, 2014

Most dangerous applications for Android – Dni.Ru

Officials from Google published a list of potentially dangerous applications mobile operating system Android. Applications are in the store Google Play.

The list includes 350 of legitimate applications distributed officially via Google Play and Amazon. The list was created a focal point of response to cyber threats, together with the Institute program at Carnegie Melloun. The main threats identified: lack of proper digital certificate SSL using HTTPS. This allows you to carry out attacks Man in the middle.

Hacker attack Man in the middle (man in the middle) – the so-called attack mediator when an attacker is able to read and modify messages exchanged between correspondents, and neither one of them does not know about the ongoing attack.

According to apps4al, author of the project, Will Dorman, said the tool to check the application to be protected from attacks Man in the middle was developed only in the late August. Therefore, investigated so far only a small part of the application, and a list of 350 names is not a final. Dorman also said that the authors of the project shall notify vulnerabilities found both developers and Google play and Amazon, according to the portal “Computerra . ” With a list of suspicious and malicious applications can be found here.

This is not the first attack on the owners of mobile phones based on Android. Dni.Ru wrote, how did the SMS-trojan that stole money from bank cards. In this case, the malicious program was able to deduct both large and small amounts.

Fraudsters send messages to owners of mobile devices with hyperlinks. Coming in it, the user downloads a malicious program. The virus is capable of without the participation of the called party to seek balance, deposit account with a credit card , if it is tied to the room and to withdraw money from the account of the subscriber’s e-wallets intruders, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to experts, the attackers are constantly developing modified viruses, most of which are in Russia. The user does not even know that his phone is infected, as the virus completely removes incoming SMS-notifications from the bank. Recommend subscribers regularly update anti-virus software on their phones. Also, users are advised not to place gadgets on the links in messages and not to download to your smartphone software from unknown sources.


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