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As fans took Android iPhone 6 – Dni.Ru

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September 9, Apple showed the world just three new items: two of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with larger screens, as well as smart watches Watch. Last positioned as a stylish and functional accessory. However, Android fans have criticized the “apple empire” for allegedly catching position.

Edition Dney.Ru is another article in a series of “Opinions”. Bloggers reacted ambiguously to “apple” news. Particularly unhappy owners were expected Android. According to them, on the platform of Google have long been working a lot of great smartphones, and has recently launched operating system Android Wear for handheld devices, so Apple did not show anything new .

According androidomanov, most notably lack of new products from Apple – is the price. iPhone has never cost so much. “Note 4 can sleep peacefully – iPhone 6 plus from 36990 rubles in Russia. IPhone 6 from 31990 rubles. Expensive, but the sale will be the first one” – predict bloggers.

 Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

Do not they left without attention and a large screen, which is the case with Samsung just lazy fan of Apple is not called the “shovel”. “The old joke in a new way. Apologists would be difficult to explain. – Hello. Are you comfortable talking? – No. My iPhone 6 plus”, – joked fans Android. He continues: “I remember how iphone users argued that fablety Note this shovel. Huge iphone 6+ above half a centimeter and it is more convenient in absentia. Well, ok”

“Woah-woah. Apple has made a phone that can shoot a lot at once self in a row? knew how to please his customer, “- written by others.

Apple remembered and quite fresh scandal with the leak of nude photos of Hollywood stars through hacking their accounts to iCloud. By the way, the company did not say a word about the leak – as if it was not. But fans of Android noted: “Touch ID now (in iOS 8) can be used in third-party applications. Example send nu fotochki, yeah)”.

Members Twitter note that during the presentation of Apple shamelessly silent about two things: iPad and iPhone 5c colored plastic housing, released a year ago. “Judging by the sales figures, iPhone 5c was a real failure for Apple and unpromising product category compared with the success of iPhone 5s, and did not even mention was awarded to Tim Cook. RIP”, – writes bloggers.

about the possible leakage appearance of double USB-cable has not been confirmed, but there did not survive and its users iPhone. The eternal problem with the frays at the bottom of the charging cable Lightning have all got the order.

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

A separate portion of criticism touched “smart watches”. Apple’s been waiting for at least the revolution, and objectively – accessory that you want to buy here and now. Technologically clock Android fans are not impressed: “The main control – the scroll wheel. Upgrades to innovation,” “Ah, hours of Apple I expected more, but can save gold :(“.

upset Android users and strange functionality viewing on the small screen, as well as the use of Siri for data entry. Siri, notorious for poor recognition of speech, with an emphasis, not yet learned to speak and understand in Russian – this Apple also tactfully kept silent.

Absolutely nothing said Apple representatives and the time of hours of charging. Bloggers outraged: “It is interesting that the clock EPL for voice functions need internet with the iPhone. Hi battery, you are held to the end”.

In general fans of the mobile operating system from Google saw what they wanted to see: Apple overtakes its competitors, producing the same after years of the same Samsung: “Unofficial slogan Apple” You do not need “can be changed to” we’ll give you a couple of years later than its competitors “.


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