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The first smartphone based on Android said sixth birthday – 3DNews

Mobile Google Android operating system has not yet been passed, even in primary school age – she was only six years old. The original system came out September 23, 2008 (then introduced the first commercial device – HTC G1 Dream) and then the announcement is unlikely many have given too much importance, but today the name of Android sounds in computer news around the world, perhaps even more than the name of the Windows . Those interested can read our review in 2009 of the first Android-devices and impressions of the Android 1.5 Cupcake.

HTC G 1 Dream

Each owner of a smartphone if not using Android-device, then, at least, is well aware of the OS from friends and relatives. Google is constantly reports on all new records: According to the second quarter of 2014 the share sold in the smartphone market is a whopping 85% – these figures show almost monopoly free outdoor operating in this sector.

On the Russian market Android officially came in July 2009 in the form of a smartphone Highscreen PP5420. Android platform was initially calculated mainly on the use of smart phones (although there have been attempts to use the mobile OS and tablets, for example, in the original Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2). With the release of the 2011 version of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet on the way the market was opened officially. Until the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2012, version of Android for smartphones and tablets have evolved in parallel.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2010 could not compete with the iPad

In the tablet market, where previously dominated by Apple iOS thanks to the popularity iPad, today palm also belongs to Google Android (at least in terms of market share). By the end of 2013, according to analysts from Gartner, has sold about 121 million tablets based on Android – this is 62% of the world market for such devices (for comparison, in the same year, the share of iPad was 36%). Today, the gap has certainly increased in favor of Android thanks to an array of affordable tablets and ecosystem development Google.

Motorola Xoom – the first tablet based on “tablet» Android

This is due to the huge success of Android bidding on sensory environment. When the world was represented by the organization Open Handset Alliance November 5, 2007, it was a completely different Android. Google just realized the huge benefits which was released in the same 2007 iPhone and rejected the idea of ​​the release Android as an operating system for push smartphones without touch screens like the once-dominant Blackberry.

The second key factor is the popularity of free and open mobile operating system Google : these two combinations made possible simply breathtaking success. The number of different issued for 6 years smartphones, tablets, laptops and most diverse electronics based on Android defies description. Based on Android are many other more or less successful platform with its own ecosystem of applications and services. The most famous is incompatible with ecosystem Android platform based operating system from Google, you can call the Amazon Fire OS, but in China such OS tens, and in our market, there are examples like smart phones with firmware Yandex.Kit from Yandex.

Great variety of devices, modifications, Android and smartphones refresh problem on the actual assembly of the operating system hinder the development of the platform Google. The search giant is trying to deal with fragmentation. The latest of these initiatives is the Android One – cheap smartphones reference to emerging markets with guaranteed updates for two years directly from Google.

Now Google is preparing the launch of the next major version – Android L, which will bring more innovation than any of the other previously released releases. Promised a new “real” design, energy optimization Project Volta, a new runtime application ART and more. Android development continues – in front, of course, new achievements green robot.



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