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 Android L & # x438; Apple

A week has passed since the time when the operating system Apple iOS 8 became available to users. With it came many new features, including those that are familiar to users Android. But Google also has something to please the users. Android L, in addition to the previously discussed Material Design, has considerable set of new features and even more than iOS 8. Despite the fact that iOS 8 was a big step into the future, she has a lot to learn from Android.

 Android L

This is the opinion columnist Android Origin Anna Rose. As an example, it shows the number of such functions, which are in Android, but which lacks the iOS.

(1) First of all, Android L allows developers to integrate their applications with the Web search Google.

(2) In Android L also plan to add interactive notifications, such as those that appeared in iOS 8. But they will have a number of features not found in iOS 8 . appear in Android L advanced notice (Expanded Notifications), which will enable all notifications – not just text messages from Facebook – open in advanced mode. Will also be possible to answer them. Even phone calls will not interrupt what you are currently doing on your phone.

(3) In iOS also lacks the ability to edit the screenshots of the screen updates. This feature is already in Android, and Android L it will continue to develop. When you took a screenshot on your device, it appears in your Notification Wall. And immediately there you can easily edit it by just clicking on the notification and thus opening the image for editing. This function is, at first glance, it is not pretty, but it can save the user a lot of time by reducing editing time and allowing you to quickly share a picture.

(4) The battery, starting with the iOS 6 and still remains the problem of the operating system. In Android L will be fully updated system energy saving battery – Battery Saver mode. Of course, it is not even close to the effectiveness of the regime ultraenergosberezheniya (Ultra Battery Mode) from Samsung. Its main focus will be on how to stretch for as long as possible while the “last drop” of energy in the device battery. Discussed earlier Project Volta from Google is a new software that will add a bit of time working devaysa without recharging.

(5) Apple’s mobile operating system lacks even a single function, which Android has already for a long time. It is about the ability to uninstall preinstalled applications and replacing them with a more pleasant user counterparts. For example, the iOS user can not replace the Apple Maps Maps Google, as the Safari browser to Firefox and make their applications by default. But Android users have such an opportunity.

 Android L

So if these features are important to convince the user to choose an even better Android-flagship of the brand new iPhone 6? Or no phone based on Android can not even be compared with the products of Apple?


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