Saturday, September 6, 2014

Universal mail client Boxer got to Android – BBC News

Gmail – this is a great client for e-mail, but some people still need more advanced features. This will help you Boxer – just to get to the Android platform application that helps you to speed up and optimize the performance of his mailbox.

The main “chip” Boxer – the ability to manage his or her mailbox using swipe. Swipe to the right opens a menu that provides quick access to Evernote, prepared response. Hence it is possible to quickly get access to Dropbox or Box, to attach a file.

The program has a white design in the style of Mailbox. However, unlike the latter, he maintains accounts on a lot of different services, including iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL, Office 365. Also right out of the box the letters can be added to the list of cases. By the application can connect their accounts in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

There is also the possibility of “laykat ‘inboxes. This allows one-click to see a friend that you have received his letter and you like it, not bothering to answer in writing.

The application is available for free download in Google Play. For $ 10, you can program up to proapregeydit Pro-version – it can be connected to Boxer several email accounts, your own answers ready to harvest and add automatic signatures to letters.

Source: AndroidPolice


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