Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The best password manager came on Android – BBC News

company AgileBits released for Android-powered smartphones full version of 1Password – a powerful application that can store logins / passwords from hundreds of sites and services, credit cards, encrypted notes and solid information, without worrying for her safety. To open the “safe”, just need to remember one master password.

Earlier client functionality 1Password for Android was severely limited. It was only possible to view the data created with other devices. In the updated application, in addition to recording, included built-in browser for fast login to the site, the generator complex and strong passwords, and the ability to organize items into folders and open attachments created on the computer.

1Password widely considered the most simple and reliable utility of its kind. As mentioned above, in the “safe” can hold anything – logins / passwords, credit card data, notes, contacts, social security number, passport, etc..

program stores all information is encrypted (256-bit is used kriptoprotokol AES) and synchronize it between different clients (Mac, iPhone / iPad, browsers, and now Android). In the case of “OSes” Google used “cloud” Dropbox, which is an encrypted file with all passwords (several megabytes in size).

need to install 1Password version Android 4.0 or later. Utility, unlike iOS-client until translated into Russian. The application can be downloaded from Google Play and free access to all its functions until the first of August. At the end of the test period 1Password switches to “read-only” and is released after payment of purchase built.

Source: 1Password (Google Play)

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