Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Parallels taught Android-run tablet computer programs – Lenta.ru

The new version of Parallels Access 2.0, which expanded the list of mobile devices that support launching applications on the remote PC. This was announced by vice president of desktop virtualization from Parallels Nicholas Dobrovolsky at the event.

In Parallels Access 2.0 screen of the remote PC can be seen not only with the iPad, as in the first version, but with the iPhone and Android- tablets and smartphones. Through this application the user runs the application on Windows-or Mac-computers located anywhere in the world connected to the Internet, and manages them from your mobile device. For the user, it looks like a run on the tablet or smartphone programs for desktop computers, that takes into account the current trend to mobilize users.

Dobrovolsky noted that the company’s server occurs only user authentication, and the connection of the mobile device and the PC occurs directly. If a direct connection is not possible, it is organized through the company’s servers, but encrypted using AES256, so Parallels does not have access to user data.

When running the application on a tablet or smartphone, the user sees the desktop of the remote computer and can make it normal business activities. (On the remote PC client must be installed Parallels Access). Given that it is not on any smartphone and tablet can adequately display Desk PC, the program added the zoom function and the file browser. While Parallels Access allows you to work on the touch screens of mobile devices with a computer operating system, which was originally not adapted for this (Windows 7, OS X).

The new version has the ability to change the resolution, which appears Desk remote computer and added the ability to transmit sound. In Android-tablets and smartphones can set shortcut to start a remote connection to your computer without opening Parallels Access. Added the function enable remote PC via a network «Wake-on-LAN».

company does not disclose sales of the previous version first. Note that the cost of a license for Parallels Access 2.0 decreased approximately four-fold to $ 20 or 649 rubles a year (it supports access to five computers to an unlimited number of mobile devices). Dobrovolsky explained “Lente.ru” radical price reduction application desire to increase market. You can also download and try for 14 days free.

For corporate users, a version Parallels Access for Business cost 1775 rubles for access to five computers. To increase the number of supported computers achieved purchase a greater number of licenses, each of which is a five-PC. Buy your product more than 100 PC gives the customer the right to have access to technical support in business class. Apart from the above functions, the corporate version has advanced features for managing and paying all connected accounts from a single location.

Parallels Access 2.0 runs on computers with Windows 7 and 8, OS X 10.7 and above, mobile devices running Android 4.0 and above, with the technology Apple iOS 7 (iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini and older models).

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