Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Germany: android-smartphone from China infested with spyware undeletable – Moskovsky Komsomolets

German company is a specialist in cyber espionage trojan found in the company’s popular Chinese smartphone software

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Star N9500, inexpensive Android-smartphone, made in China, according to the German cybersecurity expert, G Data comes in a little more configuration than a 8MP camera and a quad-core processor. On the application of G Data, its specialists have found embedded in the smartphone malware, which is capable of tracking the user’s movement, and manage the device remotely.

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G Data testing the Star N9500. Photo: G Data.

This program – Trojan Usupay.D, was found in the Google Play phone warns

checks just bought phones have shown that embedded in them spyware sends the device identification data on an unspecified server located in China. At the same time, according to G Data, sending data to a Chinese server, of course, does not mean that the attacker aimed at your phone, be sure there is.

Get comments from the phone manufacturer, the Shenzhen company Tianxing, still failed.

N9500 ??is similar to the super-popular Samsung Galaxy S4, but has a lower price – from 141 dollars for a 5-inch model to $ 200 up to 5.7-inch HD-version.

spyware detection software preinstalled software in the company’s number – and therefore can not be removed just like any other application adds

himself Trojan was first identified by Kaspersky Lab in March 2013. G Data says that her research – this is the first use Usupay.D on mobile phones.

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