Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Microsoft releases first smartphone Android – BBC Russian

Finnish telecommunications company Nokia, in April 2014 came under control by Microsoft, announced a new smartphone Nokia X2 running the operating system Android.

Nokia X2 is the first product of Microsoft, who works OS Android, which develops Google.

X2 smartphone is the successor of Nokia X, submitted in February 2014 (it also runs on Android).

phone is positioned as a cross between inexpensive Nokia Asha and the flagship Nokia Lumia on Windows Phone.

Its cost is 99 euros, in the market is scheduled for July 2014.

Road Home

Do X2 compared with Nokia X increased to 4.3 inch diagonal screen, RAM is 1 GB vs 512 MB in the previous model, as well as increased battery life and added a front-facing camera.

Also the phone supports two SIM cards and its internal memory, the amount of which is initially limited to 4 gigabytes, can be extended by a flash card format Micro-SD up to 32 GB.

At number two buttons on the front panel – “Back” and “Home” whereas in Nokia X was only just the first. Adding new button, the traditional devices on Android, Nokia and Microsoft to explain the desire to exhort work with the phone.

Nokia X2

Nokia X2 runs on a modified version of Android, looks more like Windows Phone

Telephone is designed for emerging markets , which was successfully met its previous version, including in Russia, Kenya and Nigeria.

Nokia X2 products integrated with cloud services and Microsoft, and the startup screen processed specifically for the smartphone version of Android looks like Windows Phone .

In particular, Nokia X2 preinstalled Skype, Outlook e-mail service and cloud storage OneDrive.

“Our strategy is to attract people to the Microsoft Cloud through these applications”, – says Jussi Nevanlinna, vice president, marketing for Nokia mobile phone market. According to him, Lumia, working on Windows Phone, still remains a priority for smartphone Microsoft.

new smartphone is compatible with applications for Android, which can be downloaded from the online store Nokia Store, range are less widely than Google Play.

aware of the risks

“It amazes me that Microsoft is releasing phones on Android, but it speaks of a more open company’s strategy for the benefit of the entire corporation, not just a platform Windows Phone “, – said Ben Wood, analyst at CCS Insight.

According to him, Microsoft need to catch up with Android in the area of ??third-party applications. Otherwise, the company risks that X2 owners choose not to Lumia Windows Phone, and Android phone from another manufacturer.

“In Microsoft are a calculated risk,” – says Wood.

Microsoft has announced its intention to buy the Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia in September 2013 for 5.4 billion euros. The deal was closed in April 2014.

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