Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Android Developer criticized Apple for the belated introduction of technologies –

Several new features in Apple iOS 8, including widgets and third-party keyboard, Android platform appeared in four or five years ago. In an interview with Bloomberg said the head of development for Android and Chrome OS Sundar Pichai in Google (Sundar Pichai).

«Apple announced a lot of great products in the course of the presentation (at the conference WWDC – comment.” Tapes . py »). They also announced the things that we have implemented in the Android four or five years ago – support for third-party keyboards, extended notification widgets “- said Pichai. “I think any reasonable person will note that Android is much faster innovation brings to users,” – he added.

Top-manager of Google thus reacted to the criticism, which Apple CEO Tim Cook has subjected the pace of development of Android at the opening of WWDC. Recall that Cook said that the majority of Android-users are working on the “ancient” versions of the. According to most Google, on the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat, launched last year, have less than 14 percent of the devices.

«You have to understand that we and Apple are doing different things. They produce two models of iPhone, which people buy. We market thousands of devices around the world, “- said Pichai. He paid tribute to Apple, noting that closely monitors the company that creates successful vertical products.

Speaking about the new competitor on the market – platform Tizen, which mainly supports Samsung, Pichai said that he considers it as ” selection, which may be in humans. ” “We just have to do so that Android was the best choice,” – he added.

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