Thursday, June 12, 2014

“Megaphone” and “Kaspersky Lab” launches free mobile security Android – Magnitogorsk News Agency

including protection will be available to all new branded devices «MegaFon».

Kaspersky Internet Security application for Android, created by specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” specifically for subscribers of “Megaphone”, allows you to check the device for malicious code in files on memory cards, applications downloaded from the Internet, and SMS messages. On detecting malicious programs, they will be placed in quarantine and subsequently removed. The user can customize the program by default and at any time and receive status reports on the anti-virus scanning device.

Annex provides the function “Antivor” to help find a missing smartphone or tablet and protect the information stored on it. You will be able to remotely lock and delete all the data stored therein. The application determines the location of your smartphone or tablet Android, even if it replaced the SIM-card.

addition to the free basic version will be available to customers of the company and expanded version of the application c additional functionality. Full version of the application allows you to inspect the device in real time, that will help maximize the smartphone or tablet to protect against malware. Suspicious sites, and links to them, received SMS-messages will be blocked automatically to protect against the spread of malware and identity theft. Activate commercial version of the product and get access to the extended version of the application from the application interface can Kaspersky Internet Security for Android at any time, the funds will be debited from the personal account of the subscriber “Megaphone”. The cost of the full version – only 99 rubles a year.

«Already, customers of” Megaphone “are, in my opinion, the best protection against spam attacks, malware, viruses, and encroachments on personal data. New application of “Kaspersky Lab” protects your mobile devices and does not require additional investment for those who take advantage of the free version, – says Dmitry Yumashev, director of new services “Megaphone”. – In this extended version of antivirus cost significantly cheaper than any similar application ».

« In the case of mobile devices, yet not all users recognize the need to be as careful protection, as well as home computers. Not to come to this knowledge by unpleasant loss of valuable information or money, we offer users “MegaFon” to take advantage of our free security solution or a more convenient and comprehensive extended version, providing uncompromised safety of all kinds of mobile threats, “- said Sergey Pikkat- Orda, Head of Consumer Market “Kaspersky Lab».

Activate the app and buy the paid version of the subscribers of “Megaphone” can no manual key entry and additional SMS-confirmation. Update anti-virus and install new versions of the software on the device will occur automatically and do not require further action. Download is available now.

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