Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Preview platform Android L will be available to developers on Wednesday –

Company announced preliminary version of Google’s mobile platform Android L with a new design, the access to which developers will be on Wednesday, June 25. About this at the conference Google I / O’s vice president of Android, Chrome Sundar Pichai and applications.

Typically, Google advertises on I / O new versions of Android. So, last year was a version of Android 4.4 KitKat. But this time, the company decided to confine a small preview of a larger announcement, scheduled for a later time.

The new version is codenamed Android L. This continues the tradition of Google Android version called by the names of sweets in alphabetical order. The media most often projected version Lollypop (candy), but apparently, Google has not yet decided on the name.

Android L Developer Preview differs significantly redesigned appearance. “We wanted to find a radically new approach to design,” – said vice-president of Google’s Matias Duarte design.

new look Android called “material design” and includes a visual “depth” and the ability to trace the source of light minimalism in the design of the buttons and icons round instead of square. Function appears Pallete, which allows developers to automatically determine the color of the image and adjust the interfaces for them.

According to Duarte, the new Roboto font design and intended for all screens, “ranging from hours to a laptop and a TV.” On the new design will gradually move all your own applications Google, but the first to be the most typical functions of Android-devices – for example, the program calls for, or Gmail.

similar design Google plans to expand on your web applications – for example, on the search results page. Animation elements in the mobile browser Chrome worked at the presentation at approximately the same rate as in Android L.

Updating Android L will provide developers with more than five thousand new tools (API). Development Director David Burke Android L described as “the biggest update in the history of the platform.” The operating system is expected to vary by more efficient consumption of memory and battery power of the device. Among the new features – updated interactive notification on the lock screen, which will be decorated as a card service Google Now.

Preview Android L code, developers can see today, and the launch of the platform is scheduled for autumn this year.

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