Thursday, June 26, 2014

Google has unveiled a new operating system Android L – RBC

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American company Google unveiled an operating system Android L. Presentation of the new OS held on 25 June.

Android Runtime, which supports the new operating system, will be work twice as fast as the previous – Dalvik, and charge the phone battery will last longer. Android L will get a few extra layers of protection.

from previous versions of Android L is characterized in that the design of OS will be the basis for the visual appearance of all other platforms.

Android L features a number of visual innovation. Became round button “home” has changed the default system font Roboto. In Google sure Android L font more readable.

Android L also features a new mechanism to notifications – now they will be displayed on the lock screen.

new version of Android – the first major Update mobile operating system since last year. Senior vice president of Google’s Sundar Pichai Android development, speaking at the presentation expressed the hope that the system will be useful for more than 1 billion active users.

Android L final presentation will be held in the autumn, for developers it will be available already in the near future.

June 25 was also presented the basic version of the operating system Android One, designed for developing countries. The cost of the OS does not exceed $ 100

Today, the company introduced a new Internet TV that will work based on Android. The essence of novelty is that you can use it to watch movies downloaded from the Internet, play and install audio software. In this TV can using cell phone based on Android.

assembly consoles based on Android will be engaged in different manufacturers, including Asus and Razer. On sale in the fall of 2014 they will do. A year later, in stores will have the first TV set-top boxes with Android TV.

in 2010. Google first presented its own Internet television, which had to compete with Amazon’s Fire TV and Apple TV from Apple, but the project was never realized. In 2012. the company introduced a media player Nexus Q, which also was not put into mass production. If competitors offered their compact products at $ 99, the Google phones were bulky and expensive.

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June 25, 2014

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