Monday, June 30, 2014

5 features Android L, worthy of your admiration –

 Android L

The last presentation called Google I / O will remain in memory for a long time, and for several reasons. First of all, it is the excessive length of the event, which is why many visitors shamelessly got up from their seats and left the room without waiting for its completion. Also, worthy of mention, and two that trouble, remembered ambiguous statements about the activities of the search giant. However, most attention that naturally awarded new items, which stands apart among Android L. Inside there was a place for the last several innovations worthy of admiration. What are they? Let’s find out.

Wonderful design

Until the end of last year, the undisputed leader in the design of all GUIs had stock Android, which can be found in all Nexus-device. In favor of this opinion indicates not only high speed, but also its simplicity. Whatever it was, after the HTC Sense 6.0 interface and update corporate LG situation deteriorated somewhat: many loyal fans line Nexus steel glance toward devices from other manufacturers.

 Material Design

However, after I / O, everything returned to normal . “Material” design looks fresh, interesting and modern. Worry over the fate of the stock Android makes no sense.

Personal Unlock

Few know that Moto X has one curious feature. It is the function of trusted devices. For example, if you choose such as your watch Pebble, the phone will not require a password to unlock if they are nearby.

In Android L has a similar analogue. The only difference is that here as trusted devices can act as a specific network Wi-Fi, location or watch with Android Wear. Wonderful, is not it?

awaited autonomy

About Project Volta we’ve heard is true. However, its value is so great that we can once again focus attention on this. One and a half hours of extra work – not bad, really?

 Ulu & # x447; weighted autonomy mnost

fair to say that Google engineers have repeatedly stated about these improvements, however, notice the last and failed. Hopefully, this time it will work.

Smart notifications

Perhaps each of us at least once deprived of the next record in Flappy Bird because of an incoming call. With Android L, this problem is gone. From now on notice will appear in the top of the screen and wait for your actions. Accordingly, no jumps between different programs will not be implemented.

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Lock Screen

No matter what fans iOS, new lock screen in Android without too much exaggeration, is magnificent. Notifications about each missed event will now be displayed even in the locked position. Moreover, the system will order them according to your preferences. If, among other notifications you primarily respond to missed calls, they will be first in the list.

screen is locked & # x432; ki

And what innovations are most important to you? Tell us about it below.

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