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5 main features of the new Android 5.0 OS from Google – Moskovsky Komsomolets

The seventh annual conference of the Google I / O at the Moscone Center in San Francisco gathered 6,000 developers

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main event of the year was the Google I / O 2014 conference for developers, which showed a lot of interesting things. Some things were expected, some, all, on the contrary. The company showed a bright and saturated new design style for all its products, as well as a new version of Android, codenamed L, which, however, did not come to the end of this year. Now this “axis” everywhere in hours in the car and in the Peter and Paul Fortress with Android Fit.

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company representatives gave a new concept of the OS called” material design. ” In Android L a lot of attention paid to developers of 3D-animation and effects. However, the design of OS has a clear outline and simple shapes. Also improved notification system: on the locked screen shows all the updates, action is possible directly from the lock screen.

new version of Android, which will fall under the codename Android L. L – a fresh look at how the work should operating system, regardless of which device do you use. L works in cars, televisions and mobile phones, and incorporates all the principles that Google in Material Design.

screen lock, for example, received a redesign – now on top of your wallpaper will pop up a notification that you can interact with simple gestures .

Each button responds when you Tapan on it, and each card or button flies off the screen when you svaypaete on it.

There are several other less important changes. With L you will not need to enter a password every time to unlock your phone if you wear the watch together with him, or you are in your car.

«Personal Unlock” looking for familiar things, to connect your phone with them.


More importantly, when you are looking for something in the search for Google, the results pop up right in the installed application.


The new OS is much improved battery life: Battery Saver – mode, which allows lowering the CPU speed and regulate other processes that can provide a long battery charging. As noted in the company, Nexus 5 (smartphone from Google) this mode will extend the battery life on the half hour.


In addition, in the new OS has a built antivirus that will periodically scan applications for malicious code.

Reworked and many of the key elements of the system. So, the button “home” became round, updated default system font Roboto. Android L works on new notifications: they will be displayed directly on the lock screen. The new OS has changed and unlock method: in Android L provides a new system Personal Unlocking, which before unlocking the phone will check the location or the user’s voice. As they say in Google, if the owner has a smartphone “smart watches” with Bluetooth, Personal Unlocking will recognize them and enter the unlock code is not required.

Android L received the support of 64-bit architecture, which will operate twice faster than the previous.

In Android L Security updates will be distributed through Google Play, and the system will get a few extra layers of protection (eg, reset to factory settings).

During the presentation, Google also revealed the basic version of OS Android One, which is designed for developing countries, and will be part of a cheap line of mobile devices that cost less than $ 100.

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