Monday, June 9, 2014

In Android appears analogue iBeacon – BBC News


Android operating system soon will support high-accuracy positioning system Google Nearby, which can find out what’s going on and to take certain actions without human intervention. By analogy with iBeacon in gadgets Apple, it will allow smartphones to work closely with other devices in the vicinity.

According to the site Android Police, a new feature will be added with the next update Google Play Services. If the system is activated, it will from time to time to record the history of the location, include a microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, module GPS, and other sensors and sensors. Need it to devices in the neighborhood knew about finding next user can interact with it.

Applications Google Nearby can be very different. For example, the store system will alert a person, discounts and promotions, if he comes near to the advertising stand. Also, it can show reminders that will be triggered in the vicinity of any places (“hand things to the dry cleaners”), or when meeting with familiar people (“do not forget to return the $ 100 Andrew”). In addition, Google Nearby rablokirovat computer can automatically if it determines that the next was his owner, or open the garage door, if “feel” Android-smartphone owner nearby.

Google has already begun to translate the system into reality. According to Android Police, in an updated version assistant Google Now has a new feature that will not ride a bus stop. The user only has to specify the location where you want to go, and the app will remind him about it shortly before the release.

Source: Android Police

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