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Tools month. Review of Android-applications in January - BBC News

In the new year Vesti.Haytek continued to keep track of new updates and Android-apps in Google Play. In today’s review – “evolved” SMS, the most obvious calendar, rewritten from scratch mobile Photoshop, from the creators of CyanogenMod gallery and more.

12 Hours

Annex 12Hours – a widget analog (turnouts) hours, which, in addition to the current time display and calendar events planned for the next half a day. Everything is simple and clear.

to the program can be connected to multiple calendars, and each appeared to drive hours colored sectors corresponds to a particular event. In this case, the size of colored sectors and gaps correspond to the duration of events and the intervals between them:

a choice there are several versions of the image hours including KitKat-modern style. Coloring sectors can be assigned to the same event in the calendar Google. In addition, easy to adjust the intensity of colors and gradient, as well as specify the “aggressiveness” used palette. Tap the widget opens the calendar with the planned activities. Application uses the Android 4.0 version or older.

12Hours can download free Google Play

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has decided to breathe new life into his creation – a mobile photo editor Photoshop Express, rewriting it in the second version from scratch. Application has changed dramatically, not only externally, due to the new interface, but functionally, with the main goal was the full Adobe Photoshop Express compatibility with OS Android 4.4 (KitKat).

Renewed application allows you to edit images on the mobile Android-powered devices (running version 4.3 and above), as well as share photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and cloud photo service Adobe Revel. In Photoshop Express has new filters and tools, with the main focus placed on ease of use application.

most requested features is now handed to the front. Therefore, to find such a popular option, such as a means of eliminating the effect of “red eye”, automatic correction and cropping images, it became much easier. In addition, the application easily accessible exposure, contrast, color, tint, and other parameters.

Install Photoshop Express can free from Google Play.


Stock Android application for messaging was far from ideal. Even after its functions transferred to Hangouts, questions still remain. That is why users choose to install third-party programs. For example, EvolveSMS.

From the point of view of the interface, which is sharpened by Android 4.4, this is exactly what you’d expect from the creators of the Talon for Twitter Klinker Apps. Among the pleasant features of the app is worth noting the full multimedia support, with support for two widgets lock screen, as well as convenient and easy message management, including archiving and deletion.

However functionality of the program will be fairly limited, if not inside EvolveSMS buy two additional plugin (customization and feature) for $ 0.99 (32.39 rubles) and $ 1.49 (48.81 rubles) , respectively, which will add new themes and templates, night mode, additional options MMS, Messaging backup to Dropbox, etc.

Download the app itself EvolveSMS of Google Play available for free.


One of the founders of Twitter Biz Stone in the company with a programmer Ben Finkel launched a new social application questions and answers Jelly, which is available for devices on Android 4.0 OS and higher. Developers compare this program with a new model of Internet search.

Before you start to open their accounts for Jelly on Facebook and / or Twitter. Then formulate a question to which the answer must wait from your friends on these social networks. Questions are pictures with the text attached to them, but the answers will not only write but also to draw.

When friends who have also installed Jelly, unable to answer, they will readdress the issue is someone you know. Thus, the correct answer can be obtained from complete strangers.

In an accessible version of the application expanded camera support, added new solutions, as well as increased the number of supported devices and fixed some bugs.

Jelly can free download in Google Play.


program Loopr, released in beta Portuguese company FBarrosoApps, provides users with Android (version 2.2 and above) can easily switch between running applications. Compared with the stock switch is more convenient and comfortable interface, besides Loopr not take up much space in the memory.

transition to the desired application is running in a popup menu when you arc a certain area of ??the screen. Default – this means the left and right edges of the display. To switch is necessary, leave your finger on the screen, bring it to the icon for the program and release.

If you are currently not running any applications, Loopr displays a list of the most frequently used programs.

Loopr One of the advantages is the wide range of settings. For example, the active region (“trigger”), by means of which the switching between programs, easy to customize your own. In addition, premium opportunities Loopr, including “live” preview of selected applications, a set of new icons and effects, it is suggested to buy in the application for 89.36 rubles.

Loopr you can free download from Google Play


Team ISV ??Cyanogenmod, which last year officially became a company Cyanogen, has launched a beta test of its new product GalleryNext. As is clear from the title, this application can be an alternative to the standard Gallery Android.

Externally GalleryNext looks like some darkened version Photos Google+. Its interface provides a quick transition to the camera – the camera icon in the upper right corner. Collection of images in GalleryNext arranged not horizontally but vertically scanned paging up and down. Depending on the mode, the photo can be sorted by date with the location shooting (Moments), the names of folders in which they are stored (Albums) and the place of storage (Media).

particularly useful application makes integration with cloud services, including Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and Dropbox, where there is usually a collection of photos. However, the lack of surprises in this list Google Drive.

In the near future appear possible to edit images and full adaptation GalleryNext under version Android 4.4 (KitKat).

To participate in the beta GalleryNext, you first need to join the community of developers on Google+.

Sochi 2014 WOW

eve of the Winter Olympics company Samsung Electronics, has the status of an international partner of the Games, has released a mobile application “Sochi 2014 WOW” (Wireless Olympic Works).

Before access to its capabilities, the installation wizard will force you to choose not only the language, but also loved the country, the athlete and the sport.

“Sochi 2014 WOW” contains information on all 15 types of winter sports in Sochi in 2014, including the rules, especially equipment, etc.

In real-time program will follow the news of the Games, from the medal standings and finishing just bright moments. In addition, users will be able to share her experiences with each other using social networking features also.

Of course, the application is optimized for mobile devices Samsung, and the bottom of its screen there is a banner ad that company.

Download the app “Sochi 2014 WOW” you can free on Google Play, Android version required depends on the device used.

Talon for Twitter

Talon new client for the popular social network Twitter stands out not only its appearance but also enhanced functionality. The application interface is somewhat similar to Google+, optimized for Android 4.4 (KitKat), although the work will be, starting with version 4.0.

When you first start the program itself presents its features. Thus, two blinds, leaving both sides of the screen are controls. Some lead to favorites tweets, lists of followers and subscriptions, while others allow you to interact with your account.

The number of settings and customization capabilities Talon for Twitter not only ahead of the official client, but also a number of other similar programs. Incidentally, the Talon for Twitter provides even support “smart” hours Pebble.

Recall that the limit of 100 million users and is valid for new customer Twitter, so if you want to try it in, should hurry up.

Annex originally paid, Talon for Twitter on Google Play worth 65.69 rubles.

Such reviews applications come with us on a monthly basis. With this link you can read the best Android-applications in December.

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