Friday, January 3, 2014

Intel is preparing to promote computers with simultaneous access to Windows and Android - Computer Information Portal

Pending starting next week in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show observers from the world of information technology continue to discuss the prospects of sharing computers based on both Windows and Android, as we wrote in late December. New impetus to these conversations gives information about what this concept with all its might is going to promote the company Intel.

This information portal reported The Verge «sources familiar with the situation.” According to them, Intel is working with manufacturers of computers on a number of new models that may be announced within CES 2014. The concept of work with two operating systems previously mentioned under the name of PC Plus, has now received the name of the internal Dual OS, but it is about the same as before. Using virtualization technology, manufacturers want to give access to the Android inside Windows, allowing you to work simultaneously with the applications for these systems without having to reboot.

Such attempts have already been made. Last summer, Samsung has released a hybrid laptop Ativ Q on Windows 8, which is just on the basis of virtualization allows you to run Android in full screen mode. Used for this application all under the same name Dual OS, so that it can give the name of the initiative and Intel. In December, on the approval of the FCC went from Asus computer with two operating systems.


For Intel spread of this tendency will be very beneficial in the light of falling sales of home PCs and processors for them. The company is well prepared and conducted optimize their x86 processors for Android, and Bay Trail processors for tablets are designed with an eye on the interaction of both systems.

No matter how great the power and influence of Intel, all the same sources say that Microsoft and Google are opposed to this idea. Microsoft is working on future mergers Windows and Windows Phone, in order to attract developers to write a single application for tablets (and possibly PC too) and smartphones. If all devices with Windows will access to a huge database applications Android, developers may prefer to write programs for the platform Google, not Microsoft.

analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy believes that Microsoft may use all its leverage to force PC makers to abandon the idea. Google also can restrict the access to the store Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps and other services, taking care to avoid the fragmentation of its new platform. Without access to them still managed to succeed on Android Tablets only Amazon Kindle Fire.

For those wishing to run programs for Android on Windows for a long time now there is an application BlueStacks, the current version of which has access to the store Google Play. For the rest – before the start of CES is long, and there made the announcements will be to draw conclusions, how serious PC makers are set to promote the concept of Dual OS.

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