Thursday, January 16, 2014

The AMD and BlueStacks allows you to use Android on a PC running Windows -

Company AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced a major new joint success with the company BlueStacks: was created a solution that allows full use of the operating system Google ™ Android on tablets, hybrid and desktops as well as laptops running Microsoft ® Windows. Optimized for the fourth generation of hybrid processors AMD solution BlueStacks Android provides the user interface and enhanced support for Android-apps for entertainment and work.

«Windows and Android operating systems are mature, each of which satisfies the needs of millions of users,” – says Steve Belt (Steve Belt), AMD vice president of product management. – “Users whose devices and preferences cover both ecosystems will no longer face restrictions, forced favoring one or another operating system to the detriment of the other, as a joint solution from AMD and BlueStacks allows full and easy to use features of both OS. Now users will have easy and quick access to all your favorite Android-applications, such as games, entertainment or communications applications, along with important Internet applications for work and demanding games straight to your PC running Windows. »The new version of the solution for BlueStacks PCs based on AMD processors hybrid fourth generation running Windows provides:

  • Friendly user interface Android, including configuration management, configuration and customization.
  • ability to run Android applications in a window or full screen with direct access to the graphical resources AMD.
  • support hundreds of thousands of Android applications directly from various app stores Android, as well as synchronization of data with the same applications that are running on separate devices running Android.
  • File Sharing, Android allows applications to access the file system of Windows.

«We are working with AMD to create a new generation of PCs, whose advanced hardware provides more flexibility when running Android applications on the PC” – says Rosen Sharma (Rosen Sharma), CEO of BlueStacks. – «AMD shares our idea of ??Mobile Plus in providing users easy access to their favorite games, mobile applications and business applications on Android devices from all, and move towards a more open / total ecosystem.»

Unlike traditional «dual-OS» systems that require output from one operating system to another at the entrance to the joint solution from AMD and BlueStacks Android operating system virtually runs in Windows. Hybrid AMD processors provide more computing resources than smartphones, for which applications are typically developed Android, and therefore provide more than enough performance to run Android applications and comfortable use.

The newest version

solutions BlueStacks enables Android-sync applications between mobile devices and PCs via cloud service FoneLink , allowing AMD-based PCs running Windows to be a continuation Android mobile devices and vice versa. BlueStacks also supports hardware virtualization AMD, so that on the same computer, you can run multiple operating systems and their applications.

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About BlueStacks
BlueStacks is venture AMD , engaged in software solutions for the operation of Android applications on laptops, desktops, monoblock PC and Tablet PC. BlueStacks is privately held. It was founded in 2009 by Rosen Sharma (Rosen Sharma), is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has regional offices in India, Taiwan and Japan. For more information, please visit or join to more than one million subscribers of the channel on Facebook at / bluestacksinc .

About AMD
company AMD (NYSE: AMD) is developing technologies for a wide variety of intelligent devices, including PCs, tablets, game consoles and cloud servers. AMD technology helps customers worldwide to unlock the potential of devices and applications used and go beyond the usual and possible. More information you can find on the site .

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