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5 selected bagels for Android - Journal Mobi

you like bagels? No, it’s not about baked goods, and on the gaming genre. His ancestor was the game Rogue, published in 1980. Then a beautiful graphics and no one dreamed of, and the opportunities to realize it was not, so that visually the game is simply a set of ASCII-characters. Adventurer stroller as a “@” symbol, it was necessary to explore several tiers dungeons randomly generated at the lowest tier to find the treasure and return to the surface.

This role play as her followers, attracted by the fact that, despite the seeming simplicity of remarkable ingenuity required for passage. Monsters, scrolls, weapons, food, magic potions – all this could improve, and could complicate the life of the hero. More than thirty years, and the genre «roguelike», nicknamed we the people “bagel” still lives. After all, not everyone needs a beautiful picture, there are still those who are most important gameplay.

basic formula of today’s “bagels” is still the same – randomly generated levels, plentiful tools and step gameplay. In recent years, the genre has experienced a renaissance – bagels appeared on various platforms, including the iOS, and Android. In today’s article we will look at bagels for Android.


Price: 64.62 rubles.

This version is considered authentic cAMP and with the spirit of “the very same” game. Generally, Brogue is a multiplatform game and there is virtually any system … besides Android: here we have to be satisfied with the informal version BrogueX.

Welcome to the world of dungeons and monsters, carefully drawn characters. Hero must fight his way through the numerous traps, cunning mazes and hordes of enemies. BrogueX is just not the best port classics on Android – there are a few significant changes both in terms of gameplay (for example, the hero sees not the whole story dungeon time, but only those parts of it that he could see in reality, so that just over that angle may well hide the monster), and in the organization of the dungeon: if the Rogue each tier contains 5 rectangular rooms, there is both the size and the shape and number of rooms may vary.

Play is available in landscape mode, with all the information collected on the status of the upper left corner. Game fans will surely love that the events described in detail yet. Thus formed the whole story, in his own spectacular. Only here in the pursuit of authenticity game creators somehow sacrificed control. In the original version has been involved in full keyboard, and BrogueX will cause the display or a variant thereof, which will close half of the playing field, or contrives to use inconvenient bottom menu. On Android devices with hardware keyboard is not much. A connection of additional devices for normal gameplay looks strange.

So, play Brogue we still recommend a computer.

Score 5/10

Rogue for Android

Price: Free

Rogue for Android in Google Play

creators of this game did not invent anything new. Once again we see a black background and character graphics, and classic gameplay Rogue, unchanged. But management has become much more straightforward. Yes, and have the opportunity to paint the elements and characters on your own. Large on-screen buttons are drawn directly under the playing picture – that, on the one hand, it is convenient (the playing field over the entire screen), on the other hand – fingers will occlude happening.

main drawback of this representative of the genre – too faded dark purple keys. On a black background, you can see them only at maximum brightness.


Andor’s Trail

Price: Free

Andor’s Trail in Google Play

This game demonstrates how to be a modern representative of the genre bagels. It was important not to lose the brevity and a spirit of adventure, but do not sink to a mere visual effects. And the creators of this game managed to carry out his plan – the game got a nice two-dimensional graphics, “view from above”, but without the animation (which is a pity – it was very handy here).

processed under the control touch screen – where clicked hero went there. Accordingly, the hero of the 8 directions of motion. It is worth noting thoughtful and convenient menu – here you and the card and the event log, equipment, characteristics of the hero, his list of jobs.

worth noting also detailed descriptions of many side quests. They are really fun to read and execute, plunging into the magical world of the game, pumping his hero. Given the fact that there is a Russian translation of this game called “Trail of Endor,” will deal with it quickly, even a novice in this genre.

Grade 9/10


Price: Free

This time the hero has to go on an adventure to destroy the malicious Goblin. The player is given the opportunity to decide who he will manage: mage, archer or knight. The creators of the game have gone from a character graphics, replacing it with another, also evokes nostalgia – eight-pixel.

Management is also available via the touch screen, but you can use and the hardware keys. Interest in the game adds its entropy – the dungeons are randomly generated (in general, it should be a classic “bagel»).

The list of possible equipment firearms appeared, as the game was introduced elements of trafficking. The rest – a hero to the typical for this genre journey through the dungeon.

Score 8/10

Pixel Dungeon

Price: Free

Pixel Dungeon in Google Play

Pixel Dungeon we left “snack” because, in our opinion, is the best representative of the genre. The plot is still simple – a journey through the dungeons, monsters swarming in search of the coveted artifact. With graphics creators decided not to bother, making it a deliberately simple, pixel, but still – understandable (ie, you can easily tell a rat from Gnoll without table “legend”). And besides – here was pretty good animation. By the way, familiar gestures Plucked image can easily zoom in and thus to find the optimal form for yourself.

game is a direct descendant Brogue, and therefore the gameplay in general is similar to the Brogue. Changed only graphics and control, which is maximally simplified here: tapnuli on the screen, the hero went to tapnuli. If there is a monster – a monster tapnuli hero attacked him.

Through continuous random map generation, equipment and various potions and magic scrolls game bored soon. You can immediately get 12 sword, and you can die from drinking potions – in fact, it is not clear in advance what kind of effect of its use (just like in real life).

At the start it is necessary to choose a class of his characters, each of which has its own characteristics. Warrior has more power and already has at its disposal a short sword, the magician knows the simplest spell and will develop in the use of the magic skills. Tramp, gave its name to the genre – a hardy and cunning trickster, who can see the hidden doors and traps. Bonus offered to master and fourth grade – a hunter. Fearless researcher dungeons armed boomerang and excellent striking enemies from a distance. That’s only access to it will only open after a series of victories over strong bosses.

Downstairs game player control keys are located. Voyage of the dungeons can sleep, regain your strength, look, learn about their purpose and look in your bag or use a weapon. Quite simply, clearly and concisely. But in game many opportunities to use a variety of tactics with the help of various items. Fans of the genre will surely love to find new tricks and opportunities for their hero in Pixel Dungeon.

Score 10/10

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