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Overview hours smartphone iconBIT Callisto 100: "Android" on the wrist - 3DNews

Hours, with whom you can call, appeared long ago. In fact, it’s a phone with a tiny square display, complete with strap and a set of basic functions like organizer. A distinctive feature of the new “smart” hours from iconBIT – traditional Android familiar with the standard shell on board. This on our minds was not yet!

Again, “smart” clock – is not a new type of device in the world of wearable electronics. Nevertheless, mass distribution, they still have not received, and their development and production involved not every company – from those that are not ashamed to mention aloud. With the introduction of hours Galaxy Gear from Samsung, simplifying work with great smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the public interest in such devices has increased. And if somewhere there is a demand, B-brands immediately make suggestions. And iconBIT Callisto 100 – one of them.

iconBIT Callisto 100 – factory packaging

noteworthy that the new “smart” watch from iconBIT – it is not an addition to the smartphone (the same as the Galaxy Gear Sony SmartWatch or 2), and completely independent unit. With them, you can call, write messages, check email, surf the web and even play. Except the clock, nothing else this is not required. The official website of the device is positioned as follows (quote): «Callisto 100 – rich smartphone with 3G based on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) with IPS-display 1.54 inch (240×240) and multi-function.” Please note, no word on the clock! It is believed that this is the full, but very small smartphone.

iconBIT Callisto 100 out of the box

Nevertheless, this “smart watch.” The first such gadget from iconBIT turned out pretty massive – its thickness reaches 14 mm (almost half an inch!), And weight – 95 grams. Dispenser for solid accessory style hi-tech, as already mentioned quite thin Gear, will hardly – Callisto is clearly designed for young people. Weight, of course, there is, but you can not say that from the hours iconBIT arm gets tired – many mechanical watches weigh the same, and some even more.

iconBIT Callisto 100 on hand. The main body material – metal

Place all standard connectors and hardware keys for the “Android” in such a tiny device – not an easy task. Engineers clearly got out as best they could, choosing from all possible evils. On one side of the body are the power button / lock and return to the desktop, as well as the camera lens trehmegapikselnoy. Function keys missing “Back” program is implemented – it is called sliding your finger across the screen from right to left, and the volume buttons and does not (in some applications running “swipe” from the top down to adjust the volume, and the new firmware developers added the volume control in the menu off ). Because of this, for example, to take screenshots very problematic – it will have to get the right root (in iconBIT promise that this is also fixed in the new firmware, which was published after the end of the test – now for the captures enough to pinch the button “Home” and ” Food »).

iconBIT Callisto 100 – left side

On the opposite side is a connector for the card micro-SIM. However, to get to it is not very easy – it needs to loosen thin screwdriver (supplied) miniature screw and open the latch. Of course, the screw is easy to lose, especially if you carry out this operation on the weight, so complete a few spare.

iconBIT Callisto 100 – Connector for SIM-card

Getting to the battery and the memory card slot is even harder. They are located under the back cover of hours, which is not fixed to any clip, and four miniature screw. There is no choice – you have to unscrew them consistently to set the stick.

iconBIT Callisto 100 – adapter for charging

course places on the body Callisto 100 for micro-USB interface simply left, but then the engineers did not panic: they assembled as this situation squirmed Koreans when they created Galaxy Gear, and did exactly the same. On the back there are a few contacts – it connects to some sort of docking station, which is already stuck cord USB. GPS antenna and Wi-Fi are located in the strap so that the diversity of watch design something bright will not work – strongly replaceable strap.

iconBIT Callisto 100 per charge

Display at “smart” hours, as expected, very small – 1.54 inches. Resolution could be slightly higher – only 240×240 pixels (just like in the old times colored cell phones). However, the pixel density becomes quite high – more than 220 dots per inch, so the individual points do not hurt the eyes, if you bring the device close to him, and practically invisible when Callisto 100 is located half-bent arm. Fonts look quite smoothly.

manufacturer claims that the clock screen is made by technology IPS. Perhaps this is true, but this matrix is ??poor, whatever type it may belong. If you deviate from the normal sight contrast greatly falls – so that the image becomes even not too choosy. Multisensory layer supports up to four hours of simultaneous touches and gestures easily recognize that very well – without them work with Callisto 100 impossible. Run on the device screen subtle stripes as on old TVs – so runs the backlight modulation. Interaction with the gadget it does not interfere, but still somehow unpleasant. In IconBIT declare that all fresh firmware fixes – updated display driver.

iconBIT Callisto 100 – test results AnTuTu MultiTouch Test

margin brightness of the display is very decent – the luminosity of the white area varies from 93 to 310 cd / m 2 . However, the good of such an aggressive little illumination: in bright ambient light due to lack of a polarizing filter display fades in a dark room and can strain your eyes. Luminosity of the black field is quite high – 0.83 nits, which is why the display contrast is not as good as it could be – about 370:1. However, hardly anyone would read a book or watch a movie with such a small screen. For specialized tasks quality LCD matrix iconBIT Callisto 100 can be considered acceptable – but a polarizing filter would still put the cost, because the smartphone-hours, will likely use just in the air.

iconBIT Callisto 100 (NT-1501T)
Display 1,54 inch, 240×240 pixels, IPS
Capacitive touch screen, up to 4 simultaneous touches
Processor MediaTek MT6572:
dual core ARM Cortex-A7 (ARMv7), 1.2 GHz 28 nm process technology
Graphics Controller ARM Mali-400
Memory 512 MB
Built drive 4GB + MicroSD
Interfaces 1 x micro-USB (via dock);
1 x MicroSD
1 x micro-SIM
Mobile built-in modem, support calls and SMS
2G: GSM / GPRS / EDGE, frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G: HSPA + (7,2 / 5 76 Mbit / s), the frequency of 2100 MHz
One sim card format micro-SIM
Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Navigation GPS
Camera 3MP (no autofocus)
Sensors accelerometer, magnetometer (electronic compass)
Removable Capacity 2.2 Wh (600 mAh, 3.7 V)
Dimensions 54×45
Case thickness 14 mm
Weight 95 grams
recommended price 5990 rubles

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