Thursday, January 2, 2014

Android-free version of the original DOOM downloaded 10 thousand times - 3DNews

By the 20th anniversary of the legendary shooter DOOM Russian company Eltechs, engaged in porting applications for desktop PCs based on x86 architecture processors ARM, released a game for devices running Android. Just a week this version of the digital store Google Play, where it is available for free, downloaded about 10 thousand times.

game ported to Android using engine Eltechs ExaGear and contains no modifications, so nostalgic for cult games early 90s Space Marine will be able to relive history, which instead of doing boring missions on Mars had to save the Earth from the evil in the original computer version 1993. Those wishing to experience the atmosphere of the cult shooter on your smartphone or tablet will need Android 4.0 or later. In the latest update the developers have fixed problems with displaying pictures on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and improved performance for smoother frame while moving and review. It is worth to note that the application allows you to download different licensing resources DOOM (eg, additions or Doom 2, also based on the first generation engine id Tech), copying. Wad-files in the appropriate directory (instructions given on the product page).

In the absence of the original vertical jump review and possible touch operation of Android-version, according to journalists Pocket-lint, have no complaints. Black bands remaining on the edges of the screen because the original aspect ratio of 4:3, they note, not only do not interfere, but even comfortable because controls do not close what is happening on the screen. Some users are experiencing problems with the device playing music in the game, but from such problems as promised one of the founders of the project, Anatoly Konukhov port rid later this month.

The future plans of the company – transfer to other Android gamers favorite old games.

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