Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Chinese have created a "killer» Android (VIDEO) -

China introduced a national operating system called China Operating System (COS). The developers claim that the new system more reliable and safer than Android, and more flexible than iOS. It is designed to compete with these products in the local market.

Platform developed by the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly with Shanghai Liantong Network Communications Technology. The project has been “approved” and funded by the Chinese government, according to CNews.

COS is based on the open kernel Linux, although she is not open for reasons “related with security.” Platform creators hope that it will be free from the problems that have foreign OS. Almost all of them can not provide the necessary depth of localization, including a graphical interface, input methods and speech recognition.

developers assure that the COS will be free of “bugs” that can be placed in the operating system manufacturers from other countries . This statement is true in light of recent publications disclosing the NSA spying on the United States.

Beyond Smartphones, COS can be used on tablets, computers, and digital set-top boxes. As well as Android, and iOS, it offers access to its own application store, which today has about 100 thousand programs.

Externally China Operating System is very similar to Android. Given that the platform offers a large number of applications are already at the time of launch, some observers have concluded that it is only a modification of Android, and not an independent OS.

consultant in the project made the Taiwanese company HTC, precisely this reason, a number of slides, demonstrated at the presentation, the system shown in devices of this manufacturer.

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On when the sale is planned for the first device based on the COS, the developers have not been reported.

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