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Nokia «lighted" interface smartphone based on Android - The Epoch Times

News. Finland, January 12. The network has pictures of the new budget phone Nokia A110, made on the basis of the operating system Android 4.4.1. It remains unknown whether the model will be released to the market after the merger in the coming months of Nokia with Microsoft.

 Nokia «lighted

Photography: @ evleaks

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Laid in Network screenshots are three images of the screen of your smartphone. The first shows the lock screen, where there is information about missed calls, text messages and events. The second shows the screen during a call. Third is the smartphone screen while the program Skype, which can support a new phone.

Device runs on the operating system Android, known as KitKat. Used Snapdragon processor and a 5 megapixel camera on. The screen has a diagonal of four inches and a resolution of 854×480 pixels. The newest version of Android, offers the proprietary interface elements and has all the latest software for android, makes experts think that the model is still to be presented.

Smartphone, judging by the images will dvuhsimochny as Asha line device . In the Network has already received the code name Normandy.

The fact that Nokia is planning to move to the device with the operating system Android devices with Windows Phone, it became known in September, before the company began to negotiate a merger with by Microsoft. In the first half of December, the network appeared the first photos of the new budget smartphone. While there are testing a new device for a niche low-cost handsets, his fate remains unknown after passing under the control of Nokia Microsoft. Some sources report that the new smartphone for Nokia is the backup plan in case the Finnish company will not achieve the desired market share in collaboration with Microsoft.

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