Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Original DOOM comes to Android - Journal Mobi

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the original DooM Russian company Eltechs , is engaged in work in the field of launch applications on x86-processors with ARM-architecture, has released a version of the first part of the game for platform Android .

Original DOOM , ported to the platform Android – a great opportunity for the umpteenth time to participate in the life of a Space Marine, who, instead of boring walking on Mars got a chance to save the world from another portion of the forces of evil. On assurances razraotchika – app really is original, the use of technology Eltechs ExaGear engine does not make any changes or modifications to the version of DooM 1993.

Annex present and the ability to download. wad-files of other products id Software , which makes Original DOOM still in emulator games and series additions, installation instructions are in the game description .

wax nostalgic and run through the gloomy corridors, simultaneously destroying all evil, it is already possible – Original DOOM now available in Google Play is absolutely free.

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