Thursday, June 23, 2016

So far, Android! Do we need any other mobile OS world? – Mobiltelefon.Ru

The Bubble Android sooner or later burst. It seems to grow more than ever, because nearly 90% of mobile devices is available on this system, and the remaining share persistently keeps iOS. How long it will be? Once upon a time Symbian rule the mobile world, but Android and iOS have left no trace on the system, and for a few moments. Now the market is maturing, if not something like that, something no less disturbing.

The news of the day was the fact that Huawei is preparing its own operating system to come out of Nokia. This is the number three brand in the world in smartphone sales, and the construction of an alternate aerodrome sober strategic decision appears to be safe. His system has the Samsung and at LG, it’s not a news. According to rumors, Sony is working on even branded mobile system design based on the Vita OS, but its current status is unknown. The common denominator here is simple: Google’s relationship is not satisfied with the company. Samsung did not release Android-TV and recently refused to from the clock on the Android Wear, making both places a bet on Tizen. LG’s TVs will do the same, but with the WebOS, and watch launches on Android and experimenting with all of the same WebOS. One wrong move and the Google system will replace in the Android device manufacturers, and here it is – a variety of systems, which do not have enough

Not only dependent on Google’s secretly trying or have tried to make a third world mobile system!. Serve high hopes, Windows Phone from Microsoft as a result of being sprung and almost buried, and BlackBerry 10 will still be supported by a couple of years, but that’s it. Firefox OS is closed, Ubuntu Touch still somehow moving, and relies on community Linux users. Relatively good feeling Sailfish OS and Amazon Fire OS, but the latter appears only a branch of Android, and the first has not yet gone beyond emerging markets and incomprehensible gestures with the Russian government. In the world of mobile systems at the moment everything is relatively simple and easy. Return variety of platforms on the one hand spur competition, and on the other will only confuse and scare users. But maybe not.

For the most part, ordinary people no matter what platform is now working a gadget, if only it came out under the desired application. The lack of Windows Phone applications killed and BB10. Developing software is expensive, and the company did not begin overnight to rewrite their applications for all platforms at once. It will take more than one year, while the market is the new leader of the software will appear and survive yet another redistribution of the mobile market clearly can not all.

It is unlikely that in the near future someone will be able to present something really comparable in scale with Android, which is all tied to Google. They are not all smartphone users (there are also such, users who even on Google Play does not go), but many. Google The main problem is that the company relies heavily on partners and such a huge share of Android is obliged especially Samsung and Budgetary Chinese. Another problem is that a naked Android currently significantly behind the third-party skins and slowly absorbs their most successful features. Moving several major Android-producers on their platforms could swipe at Google, and the appearance of the variety of systems would put an end to the monopoly of Android.

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