Monday, June 6, 2016

As Android-applications run on “Chromebook”: Video – BBC News

Google has announced the imminent coming of Android-apps in the Chromebook – notebooks based on the “cloud” Chrome OS operating system. How would it look, engineers online search engine revealed in session for developers, held at the conference I / O 2016

Support for All Android-applications allow you to run on Chrome OS software and games, previously inaccessible to the PC. – for example, Snapchat or YouTube Kids. To gain access to the shops need to click on the Google Play icon on the taskbar.

In Google explained that Android and Chrome OS “seamlessly” integrated with each other. Install, receive notifications and interact with applications will be the same as on the smartphone. In practice, however, much will depend on the configuration and the availability of touchscreen Chromebook.

Chromebook learned how to run programs developed for Google’s mobile platform, two years ago. Some of them can be downloaded from the store Chrome Web Store. However, the developers had to adapt the Android-app “cloud” notebook. The new feature will allow to download applications, games and other content directly from Google Play.

The company continues its course of rapprochement between the two “operatsionok”, Chrome OS and Android. At the end of last year, even the rumor that Google may combine the two platforms, but the company has promised not to do so and assured members that the plans to discontinue the development of Chrome OS it has no

Source:. Engadget


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