Friday, June 17, 2016

Android apps have earned in Chrome OS –

Android-apps in Chrome OS

Support for Android and Google Play app store became available to owners based on the Chrome OS «Chromebook» Asus Chromebook Flip. To do this, they need to establish developers’ version of Chrome OS. The news on his page on Google+ said one of the developers of Google Francois Beaufort (Francois Beaufort).

In comments to be published Beaufort users said that in the first place they plan to install VLC app, Snapseed, Google Photo, Skype, Instagram, QPython and others.

Support for Android-apps and Google Play in the middle of June 2016 is also planned to add computers Acer Chromebook R11 and Google Chromebook Pixel (2015). At the end of 2016 this list will add about 60 models of “Chromebook” from different manufacturers. A full list can be viewed on Google.

Preview innovation

The fact that Chrome OS will be Google Play with Android-applications, Google representatives announced in May 2016 at the conference Google I / O. The company believes that this change will increase the user base of Chrome OS and make it more profitable to develop applications for Android, so developers will be able to simultaneously create a program for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Google Play appeared in Chrome OS

The current support for Android-apps

currently, Android applications can run in Chrome OS, Windows and OS X thanks to the extension for Google Chrome browser, called ARC Welder . The extension uses runtime ARC (abbreviated from the App Runtime for Chrome), Google released in September 2014. ARC Welder based on the technology of open source Native Client, which provides launch native applications in the “sandbox” inside the browser. To start the application serves as the virtual machine Dalvik.

The development of Chrome OS

Introduced in 2009 developed by the Google Chrome OS operating system is based on the cloud model. It is designed to work with Web services, and requires a permanent connection to the Internet, although the possibility of storing content locally in it too.

Chrome OS is free and open. It has low demands on the hardware and allows you to produce on the basis of cheap laptops themselves, which at first unofficially and then Google itself became known as the “Chromebook».

The corporation noted security Chrome OS. The system is always kept up to date, as well as the browser Google Chrome (it lies at its core). The users need not worry about installing updates and patches.

The most popular “Chromebook” in the United States. According to IDC, in the I quarter of 2016 in the United States for the first time it sold more devices with Chrome OS operating system than Apple computers running OS X. «Chromebook” gained great popularity in American schools. That this fact is due to the growth of their sales in the US. “Chromebook” not popular outside of that state.


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