Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Select an application for blogging on android-devices: Weebly and Jimdo –

rank in Google Play

Weebly, Inc.

Number of downloads in Google Play
1 000 000-5 000 000

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
4.1 or later

The size distribution
26 MB

Application Version

In-app purchases
From 129.00 to 000.00 rubles
6 per unit

Key features:

  • Create a Web site directly on your phone or tablet;

  • Track all activity on the same page;

  • Ability to create your own online store;

  • Ability to create a blog;

  • The editor records;

  • Detailed statistics on the comments;

  • Load images directly from a photo collection, a wide variety of text and multimedia elements and themes


In-app purchases, identification data:

  • Search accounts on your device


  • Search accounts on your device


  • Get the data on the status of your phone

Photo / multimedia / files.:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Taking pictures and videos

Device ID & call information.:

  • Get the data on the status of your phone


  • Get the data from the Internet;

  • Unlimited access to the Internet;

  • View network connections;

  • Run the device is switched on;

  • Manage vibration function;

  • Use accounts on the device;

  • Prevent device from sleep mode.

The first impression and work with the designer sites

Weebly, as any decent program first extols himself and offers to join or sign in if you have already done. Registration itself does not take much time, as provided authorization through Google+ or Facebook.

253x450 27 KB Big one:. 720x1280 52  KB  253x450  99 KB Big one:. 720x1280 285 KB

Next, comes into its own constructor, prompting you to select one of the many design templates for your site. Make it easy, because all the themes are divided into two categories – beautiful sites and minimalist. Such limitations, apparently associated with the mobile oriented future of your site, and may just offer us is only free solutions.

253x450 146 KB Big one:. 720x1280 563  KB  253x450  127 KB Big one:. 720x1280 504 KB

Next is activated assistant to work with the tools Weebly, although here and everything is clear, however, this concern for the user only adds bonus program.

253x450 105 KB Big one:. 720x1280 504  KB  253x450  83 KB Big one:. 720x1280 338 KB

When it comes to tools, its layout and work strongly resembles the same Ucoz companions, that is, especially the brain include not necessary – everything is intuitive.

253x450 175 KB Big one:. 720x1280 852  KB

Thus, forming a cap, prepare the main page welcome, but do not forget about the “basement”. This text formatting and the font itself is something really quite primitive.

253x450 162 KB Big one:. 720x1280 642  KB  253x450  91 KB Big one:. 720x1280 238 KB
 253x450  24 KB Big one:. 720x1280 45 KB

Do not without its work with the elements. You can insert text, title, image (from gallery or take a picture), slide show, geo (map), the divider / splitter button, search box, HD-video recording from the recorder, the youtube-link, to load the file for the user to download and to insert a quote social icons. Networks and even add items. In general, what your heart desires, including the online store.

253x450 55 KB Big one:. 720x1280 191  KB  253x450  54 KB Big one:. 720x1280 186 KB

Immediately, I note that the application management is very convenient, that is, take the item and drag it wherever you go, even though it had long been an innovation.

253x450 49 KB Big one:. 720x1280 181  KB


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