Friday, June 24, 2016

Huawei creates a home-grown alternative to Android – BBC News

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei Electronics is developing its own operating system for mobile devices. According to the website The Information referring to informed sources, the new project supervised by Abigail Brodie, former Apple designer. She is also working on improving the current Android-shell Huawei Emotion UI.

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As the newspaper notes, Huawei took for the development of home-grown operating system “in the event of unforeseen circumstances” – for example, if Google suddenly make unacceptable conditions Android licensing. After the failure of Windows Mobile Internet search engine, in fact, turned out to be a monopolist in the market of mobile operatsionok. Recently, the EU authorities charged him, related to the fact that the company had abused its dominant position to impose the application and enjoyed manufacturers its own terms

To weaken the dependence on Android for a long time trying to Samsung, which actively develops and supports the Tizen project -. OS open source software, built on the basis of the Linux kernel. The Korean manufacturer has released a Tizen based on several smartphones, digital cameras, premium TV, as well as “smart” watches Gear 2. Nevertheless, the Samsung platform is that it is not in high demand among buyers no, no developers because applications for Tizen created incomparably less than Android.

Huawei makes a very good “hardware”. For example, recently it has manufactured for Google’s flagship smartphone Nexus 6P with “clean” All Android, which has been awarded high praise. However, when it comes to software, the company is often criticized.

Honor 5X with superstructure EMUI 3.1, for example, was criticized for “Far East” flavor, far from the original Android standards, and interface, painted in yellow (this is customers receive a golden model), not everyone will like it. In an interview with The Information Brody said she was going to fix “glaring cosmetic problems” and “pain points” Huawei’s proprietary add-ons

Source:. The Information


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