Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Operatsionnuyu Android TV system launched on the PC – News project

source: AP Photo / Jeff Chiu

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Google Android TV operating system! designed specifically for smart TVs and founded on the basis of a conventional mobile Android, it can be run on a personal computer. This feature is still unofficial and undocumented, and allows you to make any modern television "smart" when you connect it to a PC.

The idea for the launch of Android TV developer suggested, in a network known as Geek
 Till, Slash Gear reports portal. In the implementation of ideas has helped him App
 Android-x86, recently received a major update. He was also involved
 special launcher Google Leanback Launcher, which ultimately allowed to run all
 Apps from Android TV staff.

In fact, at the Geek Till turned to run one operating system inside
 another, and all this on a screen of a personal computer. This 'matryoshka' quite
 buildable: Android TV user interface is fully functional -
 You can open any menu, adjust any settings, and so on.

Almost all of the software Android TV, responsible for interaction with
 hardware modules, embedded in smart TVs, migrated to
 Desktop PC: OS works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI-output, USB-ports and
 other components, in the more or less present in the smart TV.

On Android TV operation stability under the Android-x86 Geek Till prefer
 silent, but this is the first experience in the transfer of the television operating system on the PC, and certain
 flaws, of course, are present, as it was many years ago when a
 very first, at that time with the prefix "alpha», Android-x86 versions. AT
 Geek Till further intends to develop a new project up to a maximum
 stability and performance.

OS Android TV prefer to see in their smart TVs and TV set-top boxes
 many manufacturers as a little-known Chinese and Korean and large
 European. However, it has its rivals: in particular, LG
 establishes its smart TVs firmware webOS, acquired in its
 time at HP.


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