Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to live without the “Prism” for Android? – Mobile-review

29 June 2016

Artem Lutfullin

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Imagine a simple picture – you’re a good, good guy or a girl, you have a family and friends. Some of them are the usual push-button phones, others – smartphones on Android, while others – probably, Apple devices. You live well and properly communicate with all their friends, and those who are sitting on the “android”, and those who like “iPhone”. “Prism” has not yet appeared. Since then, about any normal dialogue with the owners of Apple iPhone out of the question, because they are all free time spent on converting your photos in Prisma application and demonstration to you and everyone else. You as a good smartphone users on Android can not afford the same, because the Prisma for Android is not ready (yet). How to live on? There is an answer!

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Especially for you (actually, for myself), I spent the whole day searching Prisma unique application for Android. Installed and tested for more than ten different (awful) programs have tried online services, and even applications for Windows (for PC, yes!) That need to be installed. Almost every application and service, in addition, required to register. In short, it was not easy! But now I can give an authoritative opinion. The good news is that the owners of Android smartphones can join the general (global) hysteria transform photographs into paintings are stylistically similar to the pictures of famous artists. The bad – for that you’ll need at least a browser on a smartphone, but rather just a laptop or computer, because a worthy analogue of the Prisma application – an online service

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As in the Prisma, the service processes the images using neural networks – you upload the image and specify what style it should be performed, then the system redraws it in the specified style. The difficulty is that each such operation service spends a lot of time. In the case of Prisma no data reveals how serious the power involved in order to allow users to virtually in real time to get ready to work. In the case of it shows that the power is not the most impressive. In the processing of one image is still half a year ago, the service took up to two days, today is much better – free treatment takes 20-30 minutes, paid – 10-15 minutes. In this case the output you get a small picture (preview) about 600 × 400 pixels. If desired, you can buy it in high resolution (HD) for £ 20, or in a very high resolution for huge money -. 150 lbs

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the thing is really interesting, however, the Prisma’s popularity is so high and so users are now actively using the application that many of these processed photographs flooded the social networks already podnadoest. But if you also want to try and “iPhone” not at hand, then – good option


PS In early July, the developers promise to release Prisma version for Android. Oh, we’ll live!


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