Saturday, June 25, 2016

Huawei is not going to give up Android –


We wrote twice this week that Huawei is working on a shell EmotionUI 5.0, which should be more simple and close to the sink version of Android.


Then, sources have begun to consider the possibility of Huawei complete rejection of the use of Android in favor of a completely new self-developed operating system. Recall that the rumors about the development of Huawei Kirin OS appeared a year ago.


However, the head of Richard Yu Huawei (Richard Yu), communicating with users of Weibo Chinese social network, said that he was impressed by Google’s policy and Android. He added that Huawei is not going to abandon the use of Android in their devices, while Google will continue to support and promote the openness of Android, as the platform.


However, Richard Yu did not deny the fact of the development of Kirin OS, the new information which is not.


Source: Gizmochina


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