Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Two Russian service were in the list of the non-removable Android-applications –

Applications Russian companies “VKontakte” and “Yandex” entered the list of the non-removable programs to users of Android-devices in the world. This is according to research firm SimilarWeb.

In particular, the rating turned out to be the same name application of social network and search engine Yandex Search on “Yandex”. The “VKontakte” share uninstall the application after downloading was 10.3 percent, while Yandex Search – 7,7 percent

The leader among the non-removable service on Android WhatsApp Messenger became 6.2 percent.. Also in the rating got mail client Yahoo Mail, strimingovy service Pandora radio and BBM from BlackBerry app.

«People often set the app to test them, and within 3-7 days of pondering, leave it or delete it. So for developers is a huge task to do so, users loved them in the first week of the program “, – analysts explain SimilarWeb

Data of four million people are taken into account to prepare the rating



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