Thursday, February 18, 2016

Created flexible Android-smartphone. Video –

Flexible Smartphone

Researchers from the Laboratory of Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Canada have developed a prototype flexible smartphone RefleX, which is controlled by applying physical force to the body.


The device comprises a flexible OLED-display manufactured by LG Display. The opposite ends of the screen attached to the holders. Having a prototype in the hands of the holders, the screen can arch back and forth. In this case the sensors are located behind the screen, on the reverse side of the body and recognize the deformation amount signal is fed to the processor device.


During the demonstration, the researchers have shown what role can perform the sensors. ReFlex arching to him, they scroll through the images on the flexible screen the book forward, arching your back – flip through in the opposite direction without touching the screen.

«This is a completely new way to interact with flexible smartphones”, – said the director of the Human Media Lab Roel Vertegal (Roel Vertegaal)

<. strong> Demonstration of a flexible smartphone ReFlex

«When you are bending your smartphone, the pages begin flipping as if in the hands of you had a real book. The greater the bend, the faster the process. Users can feel how it flows through tactile feedback via vibration, “- he added

Angry Birds Management

Based on the Android 4.4 (. KitKat), ReFlex smartphone capable of running, and applications such as Angry Birds. The researchers adapted to control this game.

«flexible smartphone user Angry Birds can stretch the slingshot in Angry Birds game, bending smartphone. This vibration beneath his fingers will grow, it will supposedly feel taut harness under your fingers “- shared Vertegal

What’s New

« modulating. several feedback parameters, such as pulse frequency and amplitude, we can create a sense of touch to different materials and surfaces when using a graphical interface devices “- is contained in the research report

the project participants are planning to continue the work.. On the probability and timing of release of the flexible ReFlex smartphone on the commercial market, they do not report anything.


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