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Choosing converters values ​​for android-devices “Best Converter» (caHek2x), ConvertU (Vad0k & Cabject) and “The best unit converter … –

Evaluation of Google Play (free / paid version)

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
2.3.3 or later

The size distribution
3.4 MB

Application Version

In-app purchases

Key features:

  • 41 category with more than 600 variables;

  • Continuous support user and developer community a case;

  • Manually sorting;

  • converter;

  • Fuel Consumption;

  • Cooking and more;

  • User-friendly interface;
  •  .

  • Easy management

What’s new in version 8.02 on June 20, 2014:

  • Applied fixes for translation and design



  • The approximate location (network-based)

Photo / multimedia / files.:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;
  •  .

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Unlimited access to the Internet;

  • View network connections.

The first impression

tapa on the icon and get to the main screen, designed in minimalist style with ads at the top. You can choose the direction of conversion, for example, traffic, computer science, mechanics, dimension and so on, visit community, is still in development, and also to make the settings.

188x300 32 KB Big one:. 800x1280 193 KB  188x300 7 KB Big one:. 800x1280 37 KB

In the past change the language (in addition to the available Russian Ukrainian, English, German), set the rounding accuracy (0 to 20) and select the names of the reduction.

188x300 10 KB Big one:. 800x1280 65 KB  188x300 10 KB Big one:. 800x1280 87 KB
 188x300 9 KB. Big one: 800x1280 78 KB   188x300 9 KB Big one:. 800x1280 78 KB

There is a possibility of customization – light and dark themes.. When you start, you can open the menu last selected values ​​for the conversion, favorites and a selection of computing trends.

188x300 9 KB Big one:. 800x1280 80 KB  188x300 9 KB Big one:. 800x1280 71 KB

In this menu, you can set up randomly (for dynamic content) or a classic column. By the way, the number of columns can be set independently for both portrait and landscape screen orientation.

Ends the setup line display mode in the converter – a single-line or two-line (first line – the name, the second – the input field and the reduction). A very convenient solution, especially if you have to convert several times per day.

188x300 9 KB Big one:. 800x1280 81 KB  188x300 8 KB Big one:. 800x1280 73 KB

of course, the” Best converter “immediately sets up a working mood and its logical interface settings, and the available values ​​for the conversion of just the eyes diverge. Let’s see what it costs the system, and at the same time and test the functionality of the application.


I would not say that the consumption of resources is insignificant – 55.6 MB of RAM with zero load on the processor appear to be too big for such a program, however, the rate of it or not, will show only the next party .

In this case, 3.4-megabyte distribution grows to 10.24 MB, due to an extensive database (offline). The application itself is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and higher, and of permitting a definition of suspicious approximate location. Why Converter? Really for currency or automatic detection system of measures?

188x300 16 KB Big one:. 800x1280 169 KB

So, we choose the direction of conversion. Total available several such calculations: movement, computer science, mechanics, dimension, photometry, chemistry, electricity, energy and miscellaneous. In the latter prevailing currency, time, pressure cooking, frequency and so on.

188x300 31 KB Big one:. 800x1280 191 KB

interested and baud rate (section informatics) where, for example, megabits per second can be easily converted to kbps. Very handy thing, because many users are confused with this case, especially when working with torrents.

188x300 12 KB Big one:. 800x1280 75 KB

for ease of operation to enter numbers is provided corresponding static keyboard with optional separators (dot / dash), pochislovogo remove, clear all the data and navigate through the numbers.

After you drove the value in any row, there is a conversion right for all: pointed, for example, 25 Mbit / s and the value received to Terabithia, gigabits, kilobits, bytes, megabytes, and so on. This calculation does not lie, and round you can customize yourself, using the installation.

188x300 14 KB Big one:. 800x1280 88 KB

at the top right, you can add the direction of conversion to favorites to quickly return to the calculations of the first necessity.

188x300 15 KB Big one:. 800x1280 94 KB

Among the other features of note “download speed”, where You can drive a download size (in bytes, megabytes, gigabytes, and even peta- and exabytes), as well as the estimated speed.

It is enough to fill two fields, and then automatically generates the result – the download time in seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks. If the estimate without thinking, then, yes, conversion works correctly.

It is possible to specify a time and speed, and you will be shown how many gigabytes downloaded to these values. A conversion can be varied as you like.

188x300 9 KB Big one:. 800x1280 54 KB  188x300 11 KB Big one:. 800x1280 79 KB
 188x300 10 KB Big one:. 800x1280 60 KB  188x300 11 KB Big one:.  800x1280 75 KB 188x300 9 KB Big one:. 800x1280 54 KB

There are, and calculating the data storage Trying to drive gigabits and see how much it will be in megabits, megabytes, etc. In addition, by analogy, we can calculate the electric current (there nanoamperes.. ) and resistance (including emu and resistance CGSE units), as well as to calculate the temperature (Reaumur has, shared, Roemer), and many other things that will be useful not only engineer.

188x300 13 KB Big one:. 800x1280 75 KB  188x300 8 KB Big one:. 800x1280 43 KB
 188x300 11 KB Big one:. 800x1280 65 KB  188x300 10 KB Big one:. 800x1280 56 KB

For a reference comparison, take the classic” volume “and compare the data with the data held by Google since the latter uses all known certified centers conversion values .

will convert liters to US liquid ounce, as is already clear that the program will put the standard cube without problems.

188x300 16 KB Big one: 800x1280 107 KB.

The result – 33,814 ounces at Google and 33,818 in “Best of the converter.” As you can see, there is an error, but with bits and kilobits no problem – the same result in both.

188x300 26 KB Big one:. 800x1280 215 KB  188x300 14 KB Big one:. 800x1280 89 KB . 188x300 26 KB Big one: 800x1280 213 KB

Interest for calculate the fuel consumption. Take a liter per kilometer, and transferred to a gallon per mile. 22,598 gallons of the program, 22,598 – from Google.

188x300 27 KB Big one:. 800x1280 215 KB  188x300 11 KB Big one:. 800x1280 60 KB 188x300 27 KB Big one:. 800x1280 214 KB

As for the exchange rate, here we offer to update the course via the Web (multiple servers), and then added to almost all world currencies, as well as an opportunity to choose the top quotes of banks.

I will not philosophize, and turn to the central bank – $ 1 is equal to 77.927.3 rubles (as of this writing) according to the program, 77.927.3 according to the official website of the Central Bank.

188x300 44 KB Big one:. 800x1280 302 KB  188x300 22 KB Big one:. 800x1280 146 KB 188x300 28 KB Big one:. 800x1280 224 KB
 188x300 26 KB Big one:. 800x1280 181 KB 188x300 54 KB. Big one: 800x1280 453 KB 188x300 7 KB. Big one: 800x1280 33 KB

It is worth noting the possibility of converting the metric prefix, culinary arrangements (glass, tablespoon, etc.), the calculation of radiation and radioactivity.

188x300 19 KB Big one:. 800x1280 105 KB  188x300 9 KB Big one:. 800x1280 49 KB 188x300 10 KB Big one:. 800x1280 58 KB
 188x300 11  KB Big one:. 800x1280 63 KB 188x300 11 KB Big one:. 800x1280 63 KB 188x300 11 KB. Big one: 800x1280 58 KB

In addition, for ease of navigation can search for abbreviations, such as” mm “- millimeter, as well as the ability to create custom measurement direction.

As a result, you can create a simple formula, set the comparison and even implement a complex calculation template, multiplying or dividing some values. Well, an engineer or a student will appreciate this option.

188x300 18 KB Big one:. 800x1280 86 KB  188x300 32 KB Big one:. 800x1280 195 KB

Now let us turn to the system monitor. “Best Converter” at peak load consumes 62.5 MB at 0.3 percent CPU utilization, which is not surprising – after all computation. In this case the battery consumption is less than pleased – 14.1%, which means that in intensive conversion in battery capacity during the day will be much to sink.

With regard to traffic, currency and advertising (not found how to disable) took 3.7 MB. At the same time I have not been able to find out why the application positioning.

188x300 36 KB Big one:. 800x1280 205 KB  188x300 17 KB Big one:. 800x1280 93 KB 188x300 16 KB Big one:. 800x1280 170 KB


Certainly, “The Best converter” one of the best converters-harvesters, which will suit both an engineer and an ordinary user. Interface, control, settings – everything is thought out and weighed. At the same time it implemented the ability to create custom conversions direction.

Sad only ads that can not be disabled, as well as errors in the conversion narrowly focused (liter-US fluid ounce), although there may be some nuances, which I just do not know. Also worth noting is the significant battery consumption during intensive transformations of values, but how often do we do it? Nevertheless, it is necessary to know about it.

Evaluation: 4.8 on a scale.

Excellent (reasonable minimalism)

The ability to self-configure
Good (everything you need)

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0.0-0.3% / 55 -62 MB

3.7 MB / 60 minutes

Battery Consumption
14.1% / 60 minutes

Ease of use

No departures and bugs

Measuring accuracy
Good (there are some errors)

Additional converters
Yes (Currency, cooking, fuel consumption)

Precision additional converters

Conversion download speed / data transfer, etc.

The ability to create custom measurement and conversion

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