Monday, February 29, 2016

Google removes from Android N general application menu – RSUTE

Moscow / 29.02.2016 15:28 /

The US, Google will remove from the Android N general application menu. This information came from an insider industry, but it is still a rumor without reliable official motive on the part of the operating system vendor.

As long as users continue to actively use the last two operating system versions on the Android creators in the company are on the alert and ready to enter more and more innovative software capabilities. This time the rumors spoke about the creation of Android N. Although the information is still unofficial, journalists argue that the data is actually similar to truthful information.

At this time in the Android N specialists plan to get rid of the traditional general application menu . Some experts have decided that it is now logical device interface, which will be based on Android N, will be more like electronic gadgets, collaborating with the “apple” of the operating system. However, critics have asked not to jump to conclusions and wait for at least predpokaza. Wait until the release will have a couple of months.


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