Friday, February 5, 2016

Apple may release new applications on Android –


In November last year in the Google Play Store app appears Apple Music – Apple’s first application for mobile devices that run the Android operating system


It is possible that Apple will not stop at this and will release in Google Play, and other popular applications. On this he hinted CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook), speaking to employees of Apple during the recent events Town Hall. He noted that the release of Apple Music for Android, the company test the waters, trying to figure out whether Apple will be able to further expand its services among Android users. So you can start to wait for announcements versions of iCloud, iMessage and Apple Pay for Android, although no specifics in the words of Cook was not.


As for the aforementioned Apple Music application for Android, then for him it was recently released an important update, after installation of which users were able to save songs on a memory card. This innovation is very enjoyable for those whose smartphones are equipped with 4 or 8 GB of flash memory.


Source: Business Insider Google Play


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