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Does Microsoft on Windows 10 for Android-smartphone? – Hi-Tech News (press release) (blog)

Windows 10

All have long been used to the Windows – for computers, and Android and iOS – for phones. Mobile devices running Windows also exist, but they are few. Microsoft has released a version of Windows 10 Mobile to Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL, and it is possible that this is just the beginning and eventually firmware Windows 10 will appear for other popular Android-based phone. This device is the first Windows-compatible 10 Mobile, except for Xiaomi Mi 4 and some Lumia smartphones. Debuted at the end of July 2015 Windows 10 PC is incredibly popular, which is not the version of the OS for smartphones and tablets.


In the published resource NDTV Gadgets360. com the following note: Manish Singh (Manish Singh) «Microsoft to release Windows 10 Mobile for OnePlus 2, Xiaomi Mi 5: Report» further suggests that the version of Windows 10 Mobile may eventually occur for a variety of phones, including OnePlus 2 and the recently introduced Mi 5 of Xiaomi.

the company noted that at the time of the release of this version, which debuted on Wednesday, February 24, 2016, Windows 10 Mobile existed for those smartphones the Lumia, which come under its control “out of the box» – Lumia 950, the Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 550 and Lumia 650. Microsoft also announced that it plans to expand its support for Windows 10 Mobile, extending it to others Soup

. as for the Android-smartphone users who would like to try Windows 10 Mobile, there is the likelihood of them with time such an opportunity. This should be the message of the resource , in which there is alleged a message that the software giant is reportedly working on a firmware (ROM) Windows Mobile for 10 OnePlus 2, has not yet made its debut OnePlus 3 and the recently released Mi . 5 from Xiaomi

in the context of a new message, you must remember that in the past year, Microsoft has developed firmware for Xiaomi flagship smartphone of 2014 – Mi 4. Xiaomi conducted internal testing Microsoft’s operating system, and in December of last year, flashing It is now available for users of the Chinese version of the phone Xiaomi Mi 4.

since Microsoft cuts its efforts to devices production, it seems likely the partnership software corporation with manufacturers of Android-devices in which users will be given the opportunity to try the mobile the Windows, not losing access to familiar operating system Android.


Earlier, Manish Singh in the article« Microsoft Says 74 Android OEMs Now Pre-Installing Its Apps; Acer Joins List », published NDTV , has already been noted that 74 vendors Android-devices are already pre-install the software giant’s applications – including so popular among users of applications and services, like Word, Excel, OneDrive , OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and Skype, – on their devices. The list of Microsoft partners came in and well-known company Acer. This fact means that Microsoft’s role in the software market for mobile devices is much greater than appears at first sight

 Android & # x438; Windows

If the mobile version of the popular Windows is difficult to call, in relation to Windows 10, everything is completely different. Move it seems inevitable for almost all users, except for preferring Linux and OS X from Apple. The new processors will support only the latest operating system software giant. Previously regarded as the reasons for which are likely to charge for its use will not be charged, what, however, there can be no assurance.

Does OS mobile version will become Microsoft’s increasingly popular, if users will be able to install on your smartphone Windows 10?


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