Thursday, February 11, 2016

All Android-devices from 74 brands will use applications from Microsoft – (press release) (Registration)

Android and iOS dominate the market for mobile operating systems. Operating software from Microsoft Windows is on the market only by the third number. And with a solid margin. However, Microsoft has developed a new strategy: the company wants to access their services and applications to phones that do not work on Windows

The company manufactures a range of applications that can run on Android. and iOS . So-called universal application. Typically, this office suite. Now Microsoft says there are already 74 hardware partners in 25 companies that are willing to put a software package from the Microsoft on your phones and tablets on the Android .

Acer of them were among the first. Among other partners – such brands as Samsung , Sony and LG . All companies use the services of Microsoft , at least some of their devices.

What services? OneDrive – one of the most popular applications from Microsoft in cloud storage systems, Skype – communication application and Office Mobile – a set of office programs such as Word or Excel

For the most part the application Microsoft nice to compete with similar software from the Google . In theory, there should be competition, but in practice, the search giant in the field of services and offers are too far gone forward to take the creator of Windows as a direct threat.

Author: Stepan Mazur

Original photos: liliputing


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