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Review Google Nexus 6P: What good is a smartphone “pure” Android – Russian Newspaper

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When I took the Google Nexus 6P on the test, no special expectations regarding this smartphone I have not. It was planned to operate in the normal way: like a week with a phone (a couple of days to get used, and the rest – in fact, in the full use), check the battery endurance, watch high-definition video, play a game of “heavy” games and spend the Benchmark test. In fact, to get used to the Nexus was much harder than I thought. As well as grow out of it

The most innovative and controversial smartphone on Android -.. In the review of RG Digital


“Google Phone” have never been mass units . However, Google and does not set itself the task to make these devices common in the market. Nexus – rather, it is a concept background, designed to demonstrate how the company sees the further development of the operating system Android, it advanced capabilities and features.

Google itself does not produce “iron”, so over the years the line smartphones Nexus were made on the basis of Samsung, HTC devices, Motorola and others. This time the honor was awarded the Chinese IT-giant Huawei

The operating system and the interface is

Nexus 6P running the latest version of Android -. 6.0.1

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” Google Phone “is always the first to receive OS updates Unlike other devices, owners can wait for a new firmware almost years. Therefore, if you do it is important that your device has been installed the most current version of Android, you will appreciate this unique feature of the new smartphone Google-Huawei

Version on the Android Nexus 6P -. Stock. Of course, this is a subjective opinion, but “pure” Android in all respects much better custom skins from manufacturers. With TouchWiz from Samsung, that HTC Sense, that EMUI from the same Huawei lose normal OS without changes in performance, comfort and logic.

First of all, the Nexus is very, very smart. No slowdown animation reverie when running applications and there is no trace. This achievement is not only powerful hardware, but also the light OS that consumes less “RAM”. For example, Honor 7, has approximately the same characteristics as the Nexus 6P (but still having a smaller screen resolution, that the best side effect on the workload of the GPU) running noticeably slower.

Secondly, in katabatic Android is simple and intuitive. Probably should be treated with understanding to the fact that manufacturers are investing money and effort in developing their own skins for the OS to give their devices personality, but this is often contrary to logic and common sense

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The only thing that did not like in the” pure “Android, – it the so-called “Google assistant”. It is situated to the left of the main desktop and represents a “situation center”, selects and provides information in a compressed form, which, according to the operating system, can be useful to you. For example, “the Google Assistant” will warn you of a sudden drop of temperature or the approaching storm and make a compilation of news generated based on your search query, and so on. D.

And everything is good, but the program keeps track of your movement and the very persistently comments on them. Even if you are driving, do not use the navigator, but the GPS in the phone is turned on, you arrive at your destination, you will see the following notice: “The journey time was 47 minutes late – 3 minutes.”. And if you have nowhere else do not go, the phone will wait for some time, and declare to you: “You were parked there somewhere”

In general, I felt that I began to develop paranoia, and the assistant had a few days. disable.

The ergonomics and build quality

The unit is very well assembled. He does not play and does not creak. The device feels monolithic. Covering the rear of the body and face velvety and pleasant to the touch

But the ergonomics Nexus 6P -. Perhaps the weakest point of the smartphone. When the screen diagonal of 5.7 inches the device has impressive dimensions. And to reach the corners of the display, it is necessary to intercept, which is not very convenient

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But the biggest complaint – a newfangled wire for charging and connecting to a computer USB Type-C. So bad that the phone has a slot. But with the device is the USB cable Type-C – USB Type-C. Accordingly, a need to carry a charger or buy additional wire to connect Nexus to your PC (currently connector USB Type-C can only boast two laptops: the new ultra-thin MacBook and ChromeBook Pixel). According to the data of Yandex.Market, this cable will cost considerably more expensive 1000 rubles.

Less number two lies in the arrangement of the lock and swing off and volume buttons on the right side of the machine. These keys are strictly middle of the lateral edge of the phone, which makes the device virtually useless to the consolidation in the automotive mount. If you do not notice this feature of placing keys using Nexus as a navigator, the phone just turns off the display. Or, if you are very lucky, smart phone will reboot in the middle of the road (at the same time pressing the off switch and volume swings keys up starts the reboot).

But the fingerprint scanner is located in the back cover, pleasantly surprised how good location, and lightning-fast – by fingerprint takes no more than half a second


This is one of the most innovative and advanced devices on the Android platform.. Smartphone of the future. However, all its charm, is expressed in the deliberate futuristic compared to the “ordinary” device, in everyday use turns to cons

Given bitten by the price tag, the Nexus, likely will remain a niche device -. A monument to himself and . a certain pattern by which to measure other All Android-device


a model with 32 GB of memory in the official online store costs 49 990 rubles, and a drive 64 GB – 52 990. Early on Yandex.market price Nexus 6P ranges from 41 500 rubles to 49 990, while the older model – from 45 300 rubles to 53,990



178 g


77.8×159.3×7.3 mm


AMOLED, a diagonal of 5.7 inches, the resolution of 2560×1440 pixels


12.30 million pixels., LED flash, autofocus

The front camera

8 million pixels.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 2000 MHz, 8-core

The video

Adreno 430

built-in memory

32 GB / 64 GB


3 GB

battery capacity

3450 mA⋅ch

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