Monday, February 23, 2015

What are the similarities between Android and “Classmates” – Bulletin

Subscribers Enjoying Samsung smartphone operating system Android, twice as active in the social network « Classmates » (, than iPhone owners , ?? This is the conclusion analysts MTS ( «Vedomosti” reviewed the results of their calculations). And iPhone users prefer Twitter and Instagram ?? they use these social networks in times more active than those with Android-backgrounds.

Analysts MTS analyzed how to use the mobile Internet in January 2015. Russian subscribers ?? 13 owners of the most popular smartphones and Phablet Apple and Samsung. To do this, they studied their traffic to the nine most popular services: Facebook, « In Touch” YouTube, WhatsApp, Video Downloader, Twitter, Viber, « Classmates” and Instagram. In the end it turned out that the network is « Classmates” is selected in the main owners of Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 and much less ?? users iPhone. In the traffic of iPhone owners accounted for a high proportion of social network Instagram ?? including because MTS analysts explain that the mobile application Instagram initially only on smartphones and these were available.

But Facebook still loved by all: it accounted for 1/3 of the total mobile traffic owners and Samsung, and iPhone. Similarly is the case with « In Touch”: it is actively used by the owners of all models of Samsung and the iPhone 5s.

In addition to social networking smartphone owners on both platforms are actively using messengers. Although the iPhone’s built-in service iMessage, among owners of this smartphone demand with WhatsApp and Viber: their popularity is only 4% lower than among users of Samsung, the report said.

The representative of the Group ( it owns « In Touch” and « Classmates”) generally agree with these conclusions. Mobile application 2014 downloads in the first users of devices on the platform Android, with them in this social network has 28 million people a month, and with devices running iOS ?? system just 6.5 million, resulting in Group Data App Annie.

Subscribers « social networks occupy about 20% of mobile Internet traffic, said his spokesman Anna Aybasheva, messengers ?? not more than 2% of the total traffic. Much depends on the smartphone model, she added, without specifying details. Press officer of Samsung limited by the fact that generally agreed with the statistics of the MTS. Get comment at Apple failed representatives « » And « In Touch” declined to comment.

In order to draw a conclusion about the quality of the Internet audience, who use devices based on Android and iOS, enough compare the prices of these devices, says CEO agency « Social Network” Denis Terekhov. For example, users of iPhone ?? a premium audience, are residents of large cities, they are mainly Facebook. The difference in quality affects the audience, he said, and on advertising, which is sold on various Internet sites: Facebook audience advertisers offer more expensive products than users « Schoolmates ».


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