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Choosing organizer for android-devices: Organiser Viribus, aCalendar and Carpe Diem –

Easy control and navigation

The ability to self-configure


The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0/26 MB

Working with cloud storage

Synchronize with Google calendar and Internet services

Long-term planning

Send notes via wireless network

Backup to SD-card

Getting Started

The first thing that greets us after the start of the program – a minimalistic interface, executed in pastel colors. Where the elements are arranged intuitively, so to deal with job applications require a minimum of time.

300x400 14 KB. Big one: 768x1024 35 KB

Thus, in the home screen tiles settled four main elements: a new note, a new to-do list, calendar, and a new drawing. At the top you can find all the notes, all the pictures and a complete list of lists. In the upper right corner is the search.

And since no special configuration is not provided, proceed directly to testing.

300x400 26 KB. Big one: 768x1024 51 KB

Testing and setting

Consumes this kid a record low amount of RAM – only 26 MB, which is not surprising, because in front of us a simple organizer without the ability to synchronize with the cloud, or Google Calendar.

300x400 38 KB. Big one: 768x1024 141 KB

Well, let’s create the first note, the corresponding tapnuv icon on the main screen. In the window, trying to drive the text, and in the upper right corner click on the “paper clip” to add the file.

You can add only drawing, and it must choose from a list of previously created images, and not from the gallery. Well, try yourself as an artist. The procedure itself is drawing resembles a stripped-down Paint.

300x400 12 KB. Big one: 768x1024 36 KB  300x400 8 KB. Big one: 768x1024 17 KB
 300x400 11 KB. Big one: 768x1024 30 KB  300x400 10 KB. Big one: 768x1024 25 KB
 300x400 22 KB. Big one: 768x1024 42 KB 300x400 8 KB. Big one: 768x1024 20 KB

Of course, a good thing that we can add to your notes handwritten drawings, but it would be nice to use the camera or gallery, all the more special problems in the implementation of such a simple function is not. It is possible , it can be done in the list?

300x400 14 KB. Big one: 768x1024 32 KB

There is one more remark. If you habitually system key press “Back”, you will get not on the main screen applications, and on the desktop, ie organizer simply minimizes to tray. To create another note, you will need to get a finger into a small program logo in the upper left corner, which is not very convenient, and only after that you will return to the main screen.

In addition, after you save the notes (upper right corner) you also throw on your desktop. Dear developers, this situation is only annoying.

300x400 14 KB. Big one: 768x1024 35 KB

Let us turn to the list. Here, problems should arise. To get started, enter a name and then the first entry of the list. To continue the list, it is enough to press the “+”, but the first entry will be moved to the end. You can not add the date, reminder, or a file that turns the organizer announced in a simple notebook.

300x400 8 KB. Big one: 768x1024 19 KB  300x400 11 KB. Big one: 768x1024 29 KB
 300x400 8 KB. Big one: 768x1024 19 KB

« new drawing “- it’s just a quick graphical sidenote, and” calendar “- it’s just a calendar. In the upper sidebar you can view all notes, to-do lists and drawings.

300x400 13 KB. Big one: 768x1024 33 KB  300x400 9 KB. Big one: 768x1024 24 KB
 300x400 14 KB. Big one: 768x1024 36 KB  300x400 8 KB. Big one: 768x1024 22 KB
 300x400 15 KB. Big one: 768x1024 34 KB

It should be noted that the addition of a new pattern in the previous note will be removed, that is available to us only one graphic recording, and a long press on the image to open it full-screen viewing.

300x400 18 KB. Big one: 768x1024 47 KB

In addition, we have not found, as send lists, notes, and drawings in the social network, and attach them to e-mail. Of course, you can use the system tool in full-screen viewing figure, but it is not what was expected.

300x400 21 KB. Big one: 768x1024 45 KB  300x400 22 KB. Big one: 768x1024 59 KB
 300x400 14 KB. Big one: 768x1024 35 KB


Yes, this app is nowhere near worth with Google Calendar, both in terms of functionality and as an interface. Nevertheless, the “Viribus” is a number of advantages to create notes and to-do lists.

First, the small size of the application (installed program weighs only 464 Kbytes), a record low consumption of RAM (26 MB), and the possibility of a second to make graphical notes. Therefore, if you decide to “bang” gluttonous system application (33 MB in the fourth and 83 MB of RAM in the fifth version of Google Calendar), then why not pay attention to the “Viribus”, which is not as colorful and functional, but it offers the most the main thing – the ability to quickly make a note. The only pity is that the developers have not provided data backup.


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