Thursday, February 19, 2015

Named the release date of the new Android – Dni.Ru

HTC employee accidentally declassified in his Twitter time a new version Android 5.1. Update for Google’s mobile operating system should appear in March 2015.

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Vice-President of the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC smartphones Mo version Tell to Twitter, that the update will be available in March 2015. In his account, he responded to a question about the user when it is fixed a bug in the smartphone HTC One M7. Will there be updated only for HTC phones or gadgets for other companies, is not specified. According to current information, the new firmware version does not receive major changes, but will work on the bugs.

Previously available information, that Google as part of its program launches for Android One of India and Indonesia budget smartphone with a pre-installed on their Android 5.1 . The official website of published information about smartphones Evercross One X, Nexian Journey and Mito Impact, which despite a weak iron, “pull” the latest OSes.

The new version has received many OSes small improvements. This fix major errors “departure” application mistakes wireless, reducing traffic consumption Wi-Fi, problems with notifications and voice assistant, as well as with sound. In addition, the platform returns to silent mode without vibration, improves stability and distribution of RAM, modified flow control battery, slightly change the color scheme “material” design.


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